Dunkirk Film Review


So I went to see Dunkirk this week, because my parents had heard all about it and it was one of those films “you should see”. I don’t think so. It simply wasn’t as good as it’s been made out to be.

I have a few issues. Number one, on the beaches at Dunkirk there was supposed to be around 400000 men. They needed more extras, or at least some editing, there was a couple of hundred at the most in lines shown in the film, which made the beach look half empty.

Secondly, continuity? No, we don’t need that any more. I get that yes, it was chaotic, yes the viewer was following several groups of people at any one time. But if they all look the same, at least make it easier for your regular idiot to follow by not switching between different times of day and weathers all the time.

In terms of historical accuracy, was there really just a few helmets left on the beach? Probably not. The beaches were covered in kit, and probably a few bodies as well as the 150000 people who were left behind.

Also, I get that the producers probably wanted to keep the whole thing of “it could be anyone” by not having any character development and no famous names. But I got to the end of the film and I was just like, I don’t even have a clue about the names of half the “main” characters.

I’ll give it some credit, it managed to hold my interest. But it was not as good as people have been saying. Yes, you probably should watch it, because in terms of how difficult it was to get off the beach, I’d say it’s reasonably accurate. However, it is not the “hardhitting” film I heard about.

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Mitsis Summer Palace (Kos, Greece) Review


If you read my last post, you’ll know that I went to Kos. You heard all about the earthquake but nothing about where I stayed, so now I’m gone I figured I may as well talk about that.

So I stayed at the Mitsis Summer Palace hotel, it’s all inclusive and I think it’s one of three or four Mitsis hotels in one complex.

Not my photo (sorry)

We got there fairly late on Tuesday night, they checked us in really fast and took us to the room, which was really clean, the air conditioning worked (which is always a bonus in a hot country) and it was large enough for the four of us in there. I’d say my only criticism is that our bathroom didn’t lock, but it’s not the end of the world.

Because we arrived pretty late, we had missed dinner. We assumed we would just have to hang on until breakfast, but we were pleasantly surprised to find they had left food in the room for us.

The food in the main restaurant was really good, it was just one of the buffet situations. There was a wide range of choices at all meals and even if you weren’t keen on certain foods, you weren’t going to be hungry. All the waiters were really friendly and helpful especially after the earthquake, checking everyone was alright.

My Mum was really concerned when we booked the hotel because they have an animation team, we went to a hotel with one before and they were really in your face and loud, but here they weren’t too in your face or loud and they were also really friendly. Also, if you had that much of a problem with them, they were fairly easy to avoid, they tended to be on the beach until around lunch time, then they disappeared until around 3 then reappeared for a couple of hours.

There was also a number of day trips offered. These do cost extra and we planned to go on a couple of them, but my parents kept forgetting to talk to the people about it so it didn’t happen.

The beach was relatively clean and there was a really good water sports station, where you can do things like bannana boats and ringo but this is at an extra cost . There was also a guy who came around with drinks and watermelon if you couldn’t even be bothered to walk to the bar there. The pools were also quite clean, although all except one of them are salt water, which isn’t an issue, but next time I jump into a pool without my eyes covered, a little warning would be nice.

There was also an Italian and a Greek restaurant, included in the all inclusiveness, but you do need to book. We went to both of them and the food there was even better than the main restaurant.

In terms of entertainment, they had the childrens disco every evening at the stage under the main bar, however for the main entertainment this took place in the Norida Beach part, this is still run by Mitsis so you can go there, but it’s a couple of minutes walk. During the day there was also a number of activities.

Overall, this hotel was amazing, the staff were friendly and helpful, the place was clean, the food was good. Would I go back? No. I don’t think there’s time to go to the same place twice, plus also it just isn’t the same because it isn’t the same people. However I would definitely reccomend it to anyone and I would use a Mitsis hotel again.

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My Brother Slept Through An Earthquake


If you follow my twitter or Instagram, you would be aware I’m in Kos… There was also an earthquake there very early on Friday morning. The largest one in the area for around 85 years or something. I was there for it, because I’m that kind of lucky person.

I’ve never been in an earthquake before this point. I wasn’t at the epicentre but even at my hotel the room was shaking like crazy. Fortunately it is well designed and modern enough that no serious damage was done and no one was injured.

But that doesn’t mean that no one was scared. Of all the stuff I’ve done, I’d say this is the point I have been most seriously concerned about if I would actually survive.

I don’t know if I was awake before it, or if it woke me up but the first thing I remember was everything shaking dramatically for what felt like ages, but was probably not much longer than 30 seconds. It stopped for probably a minute or 2, then happened again. For the next maybe half hour or hour there was a number of much smaller 3 secondish aftershocks.

When I woke up properly (when I say wake up, I mean gave up trying to sleep) I found out that my brother literally slept through the entire thing and didn’t believe us until he saw it on the news. Where we were, at an estimate we think the main 2 earthquakes we felt were no bigger than a 4. But still, it was loud and pretty dramatic.

It became more dramatic when we hears running water. The shaking caused the pools water to slosh around and its contents were running down the stairs in an ankle high river.

I wrote this post on Sunday 23July and its only today that there were no aftershocks, but on both Friday and Saturday evening there were small ones while we had dinner.

Some people’s reactions was pretty ridiculous. They survived the big one. But they scream, run out of the room (further into the building, which is kind of dumb) and abandon their meals. I think those two evenings are the emptiest I’ve seen the dining room.

In all seriousness, I’m glad no one in my resort was hurt, the casualty and number of deaths was relatively low, although some were still injured or killed, my thoughts go out to them and their families. The staff at the resort were amazing. 

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What Happened On DofE


I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I have been working towards my Duke Of Edinburgh bronze award for a while. If I haven’t before, feel free to appreciate that I dislike the monarchy but I bothered to do the award. 

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Duke Of Edinburgh award (or DofE) is an award where you can do bronze, silver and gold. For all you need to do a certain amount of time of a physical, a skill and a volunteering activity. Then there’s an expedition which you have to survive, it looks really good if you can complete the award, especially for gold.

So a couple of weeks ago I had to do the final expedition. My group failed the practise due to a certain group member who has been discussed on this blog before, and I usually refer to them as E. I wasn’t looking forward to the final expedition as a result of this. 

Anyway, day one was mostly alright, we had a few minor group arguments about the route as well as another 2 group members making general comments towards each other due to the weird circumstances of their friendship/ being friends with benefits thing. (Long story short, they broke up a while ago, stayed friends, girl not happy when boy talks to anyone, boy recently got new girlfriend).

In the evening when I was in a tent by myself because my tent mate didn’t show up and no one else wanted to be in a tent with me “in case they had to carry more tent” I realised how much I was hating the expedition. I was in pain from my badly fitting backpack and I just wasn’t enjoying myself at all.

I guess at this point I realised I had places I could be where I might get some sleep and some WiFi. The worst point was when I looked at the dog poo bag containing my phone and I realised a fucking dog poo bag and some sellotape was all that was stopping me from reaching civilisation.

Day two was when everything went really downhill. I nearly threw up my breakfast because we “had” to eat it. We were also warned that the route for this day was difficult, our supervisor got lost when they had to walk it before.

At about 11am we were very lost. We walked through a forest where we got attacked by nettles and thorns, most of the plants were overgrown. Then we got out of the other side and the horseflies came along. I got 5 bites, and I don’t react well to them.

After this, shit happened. Apparently it was all my fault that we were lost. Everyone was pissed with everyone. And of course, it just is never E’s fault that anything happens.

We found a road and some houses that were marked on the map and found our way to the checkpoint. However, at this point we had only just arrived there within an hour (any longer and you have to notify someone). E was then pissed that we had to walk straight through the next two checkpoints to try and make up some time. 

And it was all my fault. And if E was going to faint, it would be all my fault. At this point I was just thinking “are you going to faint? No. Great. Let me know if you are, then we can stop.”

As we walked along I basically received a character assassination. I’m not going to lie, I was glad for my sunglasses. 

So we survived and got to the end and it looked impressive that we’d “found our way back by ourselves”. Our supervisor was talking to me while we waited for our bus back, by this point my group were playing on some children’s playing equipment and she was asking how I thought it went.

This was the point where I could literally no longer control myself, (I’m normally pretty good at controlling my emotions). I literally cried and I told her how I’d hated every minute and basically explained what had happened.

Then my dad called, great timing as ever. I tried to pretend it was all OK, it didn’t work. I was so tired and genuinely insulted by my so called best friend’s behaviour that, yeah, I was a mess.

If there’s anything to learn from my experience, I’d say that sunglasses are your best friend, don’t make yourself eat your breakfast and make sure you aren’t going to hate each other at the end when you pick your group.

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I Got Stuck In A Train Door


Whatever, I live in the UK, I am from the UK, this post about my trip to London has been classed as travel. I don’t care. I live in the middle of nowhere, a trip to a city may as well be a foreign country.

Anyway, so I went to London with my dad as a kind of reward for the work I did for my exams, especially as my parents felt bad about going on holiday without me in February. 

So we went to the National Gallery because neither of us had been there before and we felt that the rest of our family saw us as pretty damn ignorant for not going to it before. Neither of us are the kind of people who would be able to go round the entire gallery with audio guides without wanting to jump off a tall building, but you don’t really need them as each painting has a little bit of crap about them on the side, so really if you understand English, you probably don’t need an audio guide unless you want to know everything about a piece.

Then we walked to the Aquarium via Snog’s bus that sells frozen yoghurt. I bought a mango one with Raspberry’s and ended up eating on the top floor of the bus, which they have turned into a seating area, it was a pretty good bus. 

We got to the aquarium and my dad was there with pretty low expectations of “it’s just going to be a couple of fish in a tank”. The whole way they did the aquarium was amazing. I loved the way that you had no idea where you were going then every so often you’d end up back at another point of a massive tank. Can I just add that it’s really nice that they actually bother to clean the glass as well, so you can actually see inside the tank. I’d definitely reccomend a trip there.

We had a couple of hours to kill so we walked to the Tate Modern and had a look around there. There’s always some interesting exhibits in there and this visit was no exception.

Then there was the tube problems. We walked to the nearest tube station which we then found was closed. We had to walk to the next nearest one which meant the journey was going to be a lot longer as we couldn’t get a direct train. As we approached the train, the doors started their alarm to say they were going to close, my dad got on, I followed. 

I got stuck in the door as it closed. 

My dad, being the amazing observant parent, failed to notice me, so the other passengers had to force them open to let me through. I now have some lovely bruises on my arms and legs from the doors, I’m not joking, those things are designed to close. When my dad eventually realised I had been stuck in the door, all he could do was laugh (thanks a bunch).

We got to Victoria tube station and had about an hour until Wicked was set to begin, so we got some food.

We got to Wicked at just the right time, there was a scary long queue outside, but as it was for bag checks it didn’t take too long. The show itself was amazing as well as the effects being really good. It was also really nice at the end to see staff holding buckets to raise money for Stonewall.

Overall it was an amazing weekend, it was also really nice to see various things to do with Pride all around London. 

 Not my photo.

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My Favourite Music Right Now


So it’s been a while since I discussed what music I have been listening too recently, so I thought it would be nice to have a catch up over that since there is so much amazing music coming out at the moment.

Firstly, More Than You Know by Axwell/\Ingrosso has to be one of my favourites, it’s one of the tracks off their latest EP and it’s one I’ve been waiting for for a while now. It also hasn’t don’t too badly in the charts, at the time of writing this on 23/06/17 it is at 29 on the global Spotify charts, which is the highest I’ve seen these two do for a long time, especially with basically no radio play.

I also absolutely love Another Life by Afrojack featuring David Guetta. This is a song with a lot of meaning to me and I could probably listen to it all day.

I think I can’t not mention Lucas&Steve’s songs Love On My Mind and Up Till Dawn these are two amazing songs, and Lucas and Steve have an amazing sound but not a lot of people have heard of them, I fell in love with their music after their collaboration with Sam Feldt on Summer On You. 

Martin Garrix is one of the biggest names in EDM at the moment and I think it would be wrong to not mention There For You with Troye Sivan, it’s a song I haven’t heard much on the radio, which I quite like because quite frankly the radio ruin most things. I also love all of the songs he released last year on Seven especially Spotless and Sun Is Never Going Down as I have never heard any of these songs on the radio. His song under the alias Area21 called We Did It is one I have been waiting for for a long time, and that did not disappoint.

Salvatore Ganacci is another producer who not a lot of people have heard of, he did a remix of Ed Sheerans Shape Of You and personally I prefer it to the overplayed original.

I also love Tiësto and KSHMR’s track Harder. After their collaboration with Vassy for Secrets I was hoping for something just as amazing, and in my opinion, it did not fail.

Some other producers I would like to briefly discuss are Dzeko who has recently been producing a lot of music by himself. He’s someone who is really worth checking out at some point. Some of Dillon Francis’ music is also really good, he’s also worth following on social media even if you aren’t interested in EDM, because he is really funny. Shapov, who I discovered after he realeased Belong with Axwell also has a really good sound and is worth having a listen to.

I usually find the best ways to find new music is podcasts by well known producers, such as Avicii with Levels, Armin Van Burren’s A State Of Trance and Tiësto’s Club Life. 

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People I Hate On Twitter


So I’ve discussed people I hate on Instagram and on Snapchat. I think that it’s only fair that I discuss the people that I hate on Twitter, because like Instagram and Snapchat, I hate a lot of people on Twitter.

Firstly, I have to discuss the person who simply replies to tweets with emojis. Quite frankly, if you’re going to bother to take 3 seconds to do that, either take another 3 to write some words, or don’t waste your time at all, all it does is annoy anyone who follows you having to scroll through endless emojis of your twitter replies (yes by all means, OCCASIONALLY it is OK, but just quit it all the time).

I also have a major problem with people who reply to every tweet that a person in the public eye writes. Especially the people who ask them to follow them because it will “make their day”. Shut the fuck up, if you are literally begging people to follow you, it’s probably because you have nothing interesting to say and they don’t want to see the endless replies to other people which are also not worth the space in their timeline that the tweet takes up.

I also have serious problems with that person who follows you, unfollows you then refollows you. A certain LGBT rights activist has done this to me several times, while I find it hilarious that evidently I can’t be bothered to annoy people over their views like said person enough, it is actually quite annoying the way every so often they decide to refollow me again and I have to go to the effort of opening my Twitter to see that they decided to do this.

The small youtubers that have about 20 accounts which they follow you on are also really annoying. You go onto your Twitter to see you have around 7 new followers. But oh look, they’re all the same person trying to get you to subscribe to their channel, you know what? I don’t think I will thank you very much. More annoying than this, is when they then DM you to ask you to subscribe and you’re left there politely saying “I’ll check it out later!” When really, we all know that that will not be happening.

My final person that I hate on twitter is the person whose tweet is mostly hashtags “and their #tweet will have #random hashtags in the #middle of the tweet”  and it basically just screams idiot from a mile away.

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I’m back!


It feels weird and amazing to be able to open up WordPress and type that word again. I survived my exams and I am back! Well, when I say that I mean that I only have two exams left.

Yes yes, whatever I never really left my socials and I still wrote a couple of posts, because I really needed to and I lack that discipline. But I am now back and I will be posting every Sunday evening at 6pm GMT like I used to.

You may or may not have noticed, depending on how observant you are, there have been a few name changes. The typo in the name ‘AkwardHuman’ just annoyed me, so all of my socials have now been changed, the links at the top have been changed and I will list them at the bottom of this post. I also have a new logo to go with that.

Unfortunately, the link of this site will have to stay the same. This is because some dick has ‘reserved’ the site with the correct spelling. I have a feeling that I know who this dick may be, but because I don’t want to advertise the bullshit that this dick has to say for themselves, I won’t be mentioning any names.

Moving on, I have a shit tonne of ideas of things I want to blog about and now, I actually have time to do that, so this is hopefully going to be a good summer.

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Coming Out. Again.


I’m not going to lie, the last few months have been hard. This isn’t talking about GCSEs, the internet has heard enough about those. 

I’ve been out on the internet as bisexual for quite a long time now, but when Miles McKenna (I think I spelt that right) came out as transgender non-binary I was left questioning my own gender. And recently I’ve managed to come to terms with who I am.

I was bought up with gender stereotypes everywhere. Until around the age of 7 I was a very girly girl. Then came the skirt issue. One day I just decided “I really can’t be bothered with skirts or dresses”. I changed my name to a less feminine version of it (which I actually recently found out was gender neutral). I spent quite a long time wishing I wasn’t female. Since then I’ve just drifted away from the female stereotype more and more. Until the point Miles came out I was just like… Whatever the hell I was, a lot of people would have probably labeled me as a butch female with an attitude problem towards anyone who called me my birth name.

Then a couple of months ago a boy in my year was taking the piss saying “ohhh girly-girl.” I told him to fuck off then he said to me “well you are a girl”. At that point, I began to ask am I?

Not too long later I had an argument with my mum over dress codes. She told me I was a girl, I was expected to dress that way. At that point I left the house because I couldn’t be bothered with her bullshit.

I thought about how I am not happy being associated as female, looking back I always have resented being female. I’m not happy being associated as male either. I just sat outside crying. I don’t really know how long I was there. Over a period of time after that I established what I am.

I am gender-neutral, specifically I identify as agender.  I am also bisexual. I am still also a fucking idiot. My preferred pronouns (feels weird to say this) are they/them. 

I haven’t actually told anyone I know in real life about this yet, and as with me being bisexual my parents will not be finding out until I can support myself. It’s difficult. I hate being female, being stereotyped as female, being told to conform. But that’s how I have to live, in the closet, pretending to be someone I’m not in real life.

I thank you all for your support in allowing me to be me. If you liked this post please like it, feel free to leave me a comment. If you want to see more of what I have to say please follow me, it means so much to me. I will be regularly blogging again sometime in June.

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YouTube’s New Restrictions


Yes, I am offline. Yes, I’m “not blogging”. However an issue for the LGBTQ+ community has shown up that I can’t not discuss.

I’m sure YouTube’s restricted mode blocking any content concerning the LGBTQ+ community probably hasn’t escaped your notice. This is a big deal, YouTube is basically the biggest video platform on the internet, yes restricted mode is about protecting people from offensive/dangerous content. But our community is neither of these.

This blocking of all of this content is just another form of discrimination. Yes, in many countries we have equal rights, can get married. But it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of discrimination.

I sometimes hear people say “why do charities like Stonewall still exist. People are equal.” This is why they exist. In theory we are equal, but we all know that events like this still take place and are often still ignored, on this kind of scale and on the small scale- the bullying in schools, the offensive comments, people like myself staying in the closet in fear of rejection. We are not equal.

And while this continues we must continue to be proud, to fight back, to make our voices be heard. Social equality can be achieved, just it hasn’t yet.

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