While I did my GCSE in art, I found that I was kind of good at using knives… For a while now I’ve been doing papercutting when I have time and I wanted to share some of my work with the internet. I also kind of want to spread it as an alternative to self harm, I’ve been sharing some of my work on instagram using #cutpapernotwrists.

Anyway, enough talking. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to.

Deer skull with pattern- my GCSE final piece.

Christmas bauble mounted on different colours of card, the original of this has actually gone missing but at least we still have a photo.

Copy of piece by Sarah Dennis, this was one for my GCSE coursework.

Zebra, I think I posted this on my instagram, but I’m not sure.

Buildings, “Arabian Nights” theme, this photo was from it was still a work in progress.

Copy of work by Emma Van Leest, for my GCSE coursework.

Mandala, I was very bored.

Foxgloves, for my GCSE coursework. Actually the first time we realised that I was worryingly good with a knife. The original of this is also currently missing.

I hope that you like what I have done and maybe it will inspire some of you to either make some art or find a better use for a blade. If it does, use #cutpapernotwrists and I will hopefully see it.

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AwkwardHuman xx


My Big Burghley F*ck Up


I went to Burghley Horse Trials, if you follow my Instagram (@awkwardhumanblog), you’d know that. If you know anything about horses, you’d also know that Burghley is kind of a big deal.

So obviously when my aunt and uncle asked if I wanted to go for the Saturday, I said yes.

But, like most things in my life, this didn’t exactly go to plan. When I say that, I mean we fucked up pretty badly. So when my uncle phoned my dad (when we were initially planning to go), my dad was told it was on the August Bank Holidah weekend. My uncle called back and then said it was the first weekend of September.

By this point, August bank holiday weekend was written in the calendar. Some idiot forgot to change this. Because it was written in the calendar, no one questioned it. For months, we’d been talking about a different weekend. Until the Friday of the bank holiday.

Our tickets weren’t here. We were in full panic mode. So we called my aunt and uncle. This was the point where they realised, we had the wrong weekend. Fail. As a result, half of the people we were originally going with, couldn’t come.

When the right weekend eventually arrived, I was fully expecting everything to go wrong. Turns out I was wrong about things going wrong.

It was an amazing day, and my biggest problem was that I really could have used a second battery for my camera.

More photos are on my Instagram.

We sat in a spot (I think it was Discovery Valley) for a large amount of the morning, since each horse and rider came through there twice. Then in the afternoon we walked around the course a bit more.

I haven’t really been to an event like Burghley before, but I think it was a good experience and I’d definitely be up for it again.

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Hello Best Friends!

Today I went to the beach. I had a great day and took some good photos.


We actually went somewhere new for once in our lives. Normally, we always go to the same places everytime. Not today. We explored a whole new place in the next county.


It was pretty fun. We saw a few seals as well. My dog tried to go in the water after them but the moment the water touched her paws she ran off. It was pretty funny.

Love, AkwardHuman xx