Goodbye Avicii.


This week we lost possibly one of the greatest icons in EDM, Avicii. Like many others, when I first heard the news, I didn’t believe it, I didn’t want it to be true. But it is.

I don’t think there’s much I can say that everyone else hasn’t already said, but I couldn’t just say nothing. As a producer he was incredible. He bought EDM into charts with songs like Wake Me Up and Hey Brother. But also as a DJ, I’d always hoped to see him live, but now we know that won’t happen.

Everyone who worked with him said he was a great person. He inspired so many producers and DJs out there.

It is absolutely devastating news, and my heart goes out to all of Tim’s friends and family. Stay strong.

AwkwardHuman xx


Swedish House Mafia Is Back


If you even follow anything in music, you should be aware that Swedish House Mafia reunited for a surprise performance at Ultra Miami last weekend.

This was something we’d all been waiting for since they broke up 5 years ago. And they did not disappoint. Their set was all over YouTube, and it was phenomenal.

Personally, I’m kicking myself a bit for not noticing a lot of things. Amy Thomson, Axwell and Ingrosso’s manager pointed our that whenever she’d said they weren’t getting back together, she had put three dots- the Swedish House Mafia logo. I literally screamed.

The big question though… A lot of people are asking, was this just a one time thing, or are they back for good? Steve Angello’s manager has posted a few images which would suggest they are back for good, one captioned “The beginning.” Tomorrowland has also posted things along the lines of “expect the unexpected”, which was what Ultra had been saying, suggesting they are back for good.

Quite frankly, I’m glad I was able to witness it, even if it was by a pretty poor angle from the livestream. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me, I’ve refound my love of EDM and since last Sunday I’ve just felt so much better about live. The old me is back.

Personally, I think that these guys really did Save The World. And welcome back to Swedish House Mafia.

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Why I Hate Chart Music


Fact: I hate most of the music in the charts. Feel free to kill me. Whatever, I actually don’t care.

But I have a point with this. Especially in the area that I live, you are limited to a few radio stations, which have the same few songs in repeat. So what may have once been a decent song, gradually annoys you more and more.

Then, when you hated a song to start off with… It slowly drives you to insanity (well, not quite, but it makes you crazy.) I’m talking about overplayed songs like Despacito, I don’t think I have a day without hearing it at least 3 times.

Putting that fact aside… Some of the songs are also just plain shit. Charli xcx’s song Boys… Come on. That must have taken all of 5 minutes to write. It’s just the fact that the lyrics are repetitive and there isn’t really a decent melody.

I’m going to put it out there, the radio murders some songs. I heard a version of Adele’s Hello that had been completely butchered by one station. Anything by Adele, is meant to be pretty raw (would that be the right word?) The song is about the lyrics and her voice. A beat in the background and trying to make it EDM, doesn’t work, and that’s coming from someone who spends their whole life listening to EDM.

I get that the charts are a reflection of what people are listening to, but when Ed Sheeran’s entire album features in something stupid like all of the top 16… People, get some variety!

I’d say my biggest single issue is DJ Khaled. I never could take him seriously, especially since he got booted of the stage at EDC Vegas. And there was a good reason for that. DJ Khaled is shit, has no talent whatsoever, and if I was ever to meet him, I would be punching him. And who labels themselves DJ when they don’t DJ?

The bottom line is, the charts are shit. Half of what gets onto the charts is by the same few artists who don’t actually have much talent.

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My Favourite Music Right Now


So it’s been a while since I discussed what music I have been listening too recently, so I thought it would be nice to have a catch up over that since there is so much amazing music coming out at the moment.

Firstly, More Than You Know by Axwell/\Ingrosso has to be one of my favourites, it’s one of the tracks off their latest EP and it’s one I’ve been waiting for for a while now. It also hasn’t don’t too badly in the charts, at the time of writing this on 23/06/17 it is at 29 on the global Spotify charts, which is the highest I’ve seen these two do for a long time, especially with basically no radio play.

I also absolutely love Another Life by Afrojack featuring David Guetta. This is a song with a lot of meaning to me and I could probably listen to it all day.

I think I can’t not mention Lucas&Steve’s songs Love On My Mind and Up Till Dawn these are two amazing songs, and Lucas and Steve have an amazing sound but not a lot of people have heard of them, I fell in love with their music after their collaboration with Sam Feldt on Summer On You. 

Martin Garrix is one of the biggest names in EDM at the moment and I think it would be wrong to not mention There For You with Troye Sivan, it’s a song I haven’t heard much on the radio, which I quite like because quite frankly the radio ruin most things. I also love all of the songs he released last year on Seven especially Spotless and Sun Is Never Going Down as I have never heard any of these songs on the radio. His song under the alias Area21 called We Did It is one I have been waiting for for a long time, and that did not disappoint.

Salvatore Ganacci is another producer who not a lot of people have heard of, he did a remix of Ed Sheerans Shape Of You and personally I prefer it to the overplayed original.

I also love Tiësto and KSHMR’s track Harder. After their collaboration with Vassy for Secrets I was hoping for something just as amazing, and in my opinion, it did not fail.

Some other producers I would like to briefly discuss are Dzeko who has recently been producing a lot of music by himself. He’s someone who is really worth checking out at some point. Some of Dillon Francis’ music is also really good, he’s also worth following on social media even if you aren’t interested in EDM, because he is really funny. Shapov, who I discovered after he realeased Belong with Axwell also has a really good sound and is worth having a listen to.

I usually find the best ways to find new music is podcasts by well known producers, such as Avicii with Levels, Armin Van Burren’s A State Of Trance and Tiësto’s Club Life. 

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My 2016 In Music


Recently Spotify have been rolling out their “Your 2016” playlists, I personally found it quite interesting to find out what they think my favourite songs are, and I decided to share it with you. I also added in some that didn’t appear in the playlist but I have loved these songs this year. 

Martin Garrix:  Don’t Look Down, The Only Way Is Up, Forbidden Voices, Animals, Dragon, Virus, Hold On And Believe

Kygo: Firestone, Fragile, Firestone Fireworks Version, Stole The Show, Stay, Happy Birthday, Nothing Left, I’m In Love

Avicii: Wake Me Up (Avicii By Avicii Speed Remix), Broken Arrows (M-22 Remix), The Nights, Liar Liar (Avicii by Avicii), Shame On Me, Hey Brother (Extended), The Days, Broken Arrows (Didrick Remix), Addicted To You (David Guetta Remix), Seek Bromance (Arena Mix), Dear Boy, True Believer, Levels, Somewhere In Stockholm, X-You, For A Better Day, Feeling Good, Fade Into Darkness. (Yes you can probably tell how I am in the top 1% of fans…)

Zedd: Clarity, Spectrum, Alive, Stay The Night, Transmission, Daisy, Beautiful Now

Alesso: Destinations, Under Control, Heroes, All This Love, Tear The Roof Up, Cool (slow version), I Wanna Know

Mike Mago: Outlines, Daylight

Swedish House Mafia: Greyhound, Antidote, Don’t You Worry Child, Save The World

Afrojack: The Spark, Ten Feet Tall, Do or Die, Turn Up The Speakers

Lost Frequencies: Are You With Me, Sleep For The Weak, Beautiful Life

David Guetta: Bad

Axwell/\Ingrosso: Dream Bigger (Extended  and instrumental), Sun Is Shining, Can’t Hold Us Down, Something New

Tiësto: Red Lights, Wasted, L’Amour Toujours (Remix), Gold Skies (Remix), Summer Nights

Axwell: Barricade, Belong 

Ingrosso: Dark River

Dillon Francis: Anywhere

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The Swedish House Mafia Debate


If you follow any of the EDM news, you will probably be aware that there is currently a lot of questioning and speculation over a potential reunion for Swedish House Mafia. 

In this post, I will be weighing up the possibilities of a reunion. 

1. Only earlier this year Axwell, in an interview, said that he refuses to rule out a SHM reunion, which shows to fans that it is 100% something that COULD happen. (Source: YourEDM)

2. However according to billboard, an apparent “reunion” tour that was speculated has not been confirmed by any of the 3 former members, so at this moment in time, SHM is not likely to be getting back together. (Source: Billboard)

3. Axwell/\Ingrosso are back with their SHM manager Amy Thomson, this doesn’t necessarily mean anything, however, regardless I am pleased about this because the IDs they have played since then have been a much closet sound to their SHM sound then what they have been doing under Ash Pournori (don’t get me wrong, I love this still, but I prefer the SHM sound.) (Source: YourEDM)

4. Axwell allegedly tweeted this:

The things to consider are:

  • The date matches the Sunday of Ultra Music Festival next year- which if something important is going to happen, it will probably happen then.
  • “Countdown to a new era” has been suggested by some sources to mean a new SHM, with Alesso, which I don’t believe would have the same effect, much as I do love Alesso. (Source:YourEDM)
  • The image is thought to be standing for the initials of Axwell, Ingrosso and another name beginning with A, whether this is Angello or Alesso is currently a big debate. The A’s in the image themselves are not dissimilar to the Axwell Ingrosso logo, which is an A without the middle part to it.
  • It was apparently deleted, which causes speculation over whether this tweet was real or photo shopped. I have tweet notifications for Seb and Axwell and a few others turned on, and I often get alerts for tweets which are then deleted. I never received an alert for this tweet, which causes me to be very sceptical over the authenticity of this tweet.

Axwell himself then tweeted afterwards: 

That is my balanced argument (for once). A SHM reunion is something we would all love to see, including myself, however I’m not convinced that this is something that will happen. I guess only time will tell as to what happens on March 23rd and whether, if ever, we see a reunion.

Let me know if you have an opinion in the comments below. 

Love, AkwardHuman xx

Goodbye Avicii


Tonight will be Avicii’s last show, as far as far as we are concerned, ever. He will be rounding off his Won’t Be Right Back tour at Ushuaïa Ibiza tonight, where he has had a few resedencies. He announced his retirement a few months ago on his website.

When it was announced, it didn’t quite sink in. It began to really have an effect on me about 4 days ago. The reality hit me that one of my favourite DJs is about to retire from live shows, and I never got to see them live. And now I never will.

I think this is a massive blow to the EDM world, and we are saying goodbye to one of the legends of Electronic Music.

There are 2 things giving me hope I’m this situation. The first, is from what it says on his website, it sounds like he will be continuing as a producer. The second, he says one day he may come back. I really hope this is the case (when I’m actually old enough to get into these events.)

For now, all we can say is goodbye Avicii.

Love, AkwardHuman xx

I like the old Tiësto, I like the new Tiësto


If you have an interest in electronic (or really just music in general), unless you have been living in another universe you should be aware of Tiësto.

Tiësto has been around in the music industry for quite a while and over time he and his music has evolved. On the comments of every live stream he appears on, people tend to comment thing along the lines of “I prefer the old Tiësto. He’s doing things he’s not as good at to stay current. He should stop worrying about being current and do what he’s good at.” I disagree with this.

I have listened to a lot of Tiësto’s music from across a large amount of time, from his earliest stuff to his more recent stuff. I think it is all very good and people are allowed to evolve and his evolution tells a story.

I also think, of he wasn’t good at what he was doing, he wouldn’t still be current, so for those who comment what I wrote above, use some logic and stop criticising others for what you probably can’t and never will do.

 The particular comment that I mentioned above was mentioned on the comments on Tiësto’s live stream at EDC Vegas this year when Tiësto played an unreleased track called “I like the Old Tiësto, I like the New Tiësto” (or that was what I remember him calling it on his snapchat) and it took a lot for me to not argue back with the person who said it.

In conclusion, stop hating on people for doing what they love. Both the old Tiësto and the new Tiësto are amazing and if you don’t like what he does, go away.

If you have any other opinions on this topic, I would be interested to see what you have to say in the comments.

Love, AkwardHuman xx

Electronic Music- My Favourites


As you should be well aware, I love electronic music. I could talk all day about who my favourite DJ’s are and to be honest, most people get quite bored when I do. When people are interested, I will get asked what my favourite song is. The truth is I do not have a single favourite song.

So instead of naming one song, I have a list of them.

1. Avicii- X-You I absolutely love this. X-You is the worlds largest music collaboration (or was at the time it was released, I don’t think it has been defeated). It is a very typical example of pure electronic music and probably one of the reasons I love Avicii so much.


2. Axwell Ingrosso- Sun is Shining When I first heard this song and watched the video my first thought was, that is one hell of a good song. I would reccomend when you first watch it, to watch with the video just because it is a nice video.


3. Zedd- Beautiful Now This song is just beautiful. From the lyrics to the actual compilation of the music. I also looked through the comments of the video and some of them were so moving (is that weird??? Idk…) If I remember I will screenshot them.


4. Alesso- All This Love. I would strongly reccomend headphones because of the way it is panned. I just love the contrast with how the lyrics are so quiet and meaningful then the instrumental is just so electronic.


5. Kygo- Firestone Fireworks Version. This is actually an acoustic remix of Firestone but I think this sounds so much prettier, although the original is an amazing song too.


6. Lost Frequencies- Sleep, For The Weak I really don’t actually know why, but I love this song.

Other favourites of mine include-

Zedd Papercut, Straight Through the Fire
Alesso PAYDAY, Years, Cool, If It Wasn’t For You
Axwell/\Ingrosso Something New, Can’t Hold Us Down, Dream Bigger
Axwell Barricade
Ingrosso Flags, Dark River
Avicii Trouble, Broken Arrows, For A Better Day, Addicted To You (David Guetta Remix), Hey Brother (Syn-Cole Radio Edit), The Nights, Wake Me Up
David Guetta Titanium
Tiesto Wasted, Red Lights
Lost Frequencies Reality
Martin Garrix Animals, Virus, Break Through The Silence, Don’t Look Down, We did it (unreleased), I was Lonely
AfroJack 10 feet tall

I could be here all day, I think I got most of them…

Love, AkwardHuman xx

If you have a bit more time, I would strongly reccomend watching some of these artists live (well, on youtube because obviously, we don’t leave the house.) Recaps of Tomorrowland or Ultra are usually quite good.