Types of People I Hate In Public Places


I think by now, if I hasn’t already said it, it’s pretty clear that I hate humans. One of my major problems with other humans is the way they behave in public places or crowds. There are a few types that I have particular problems with, and are the reason I avoid my local town.

1. Parents. As a rule I hate small children. But sometimes it’s the proud parents of their precious children that I have a bigger problem with. Because while they are unable to control their offspring, they then, as they try to control them say “let this nice girl/lady past”. Woah woah woah. First thing, I am not nice. Second, I am not female.

2. Small Children. They scream, get in your way, then wonder why you trip over them and scream some more. Parents, control your children.

3. Teenagers. Especially the ones you attend school with. All there hanging around pretending to be cool playing overplayed music on a shit speaker. And meanwhile you’re just there thinking is this really the best way to use your time. You look fucking bored.

4. Grandmas. The middle of the street is not the place to have your discussion while either stopped or walking so slow we all may as well be in a funeral procession. MOVE OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY.

5. The fake policeman. I swear a lot. One of my favourite words is probably fuck. Then you get the dick who pulls you up and tells you “there are children present” I honestly don’t give a shit. If a parent can control their child for long enough to have a conversation, they can tell it not to say fuck. So fuck off.

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People I Hate On WordPress 


I’ve talked about the people of Snapchat, of Instagram, and of Twitter. After that I thought I was done with this series. But then I remembered… The site I use to bitch about these people is also home to many types of people that I hate.

That’s right. It’s time for People I Hate On WordPress. As with all the others, there’s a lot.

1. The ‘beauty blogger’. We already have Zoella. Whatever 99% of you isn’t anything she or any of the others haven’t already done, better than you did. My point is, no one basically wants to see a shit version of Zoella, either get some original content, or piss off.

2. The Constant Poster. I hate this person with a passion. You do not need to post anything any more than once a day. I get really fed up of these people because most of their four posts a day, are bullshit. I’ve had to create a new email account so I don’t have to be annoyed by post alerts being with my personal emails. We don’t need or want these people on the internet. 

3. The no context photo poster. Oh great, that’s a nice photo. I care because? Exactly. I don’t.

4. The person that needs to proof read. I’m not going to lie, I used to be that person. My logic was I didn’t want to edit or filter what I had to say. Then I realised that my clarity and typos was really bad. So I stopped, and now it just really pisses me off to see people that so clearly have not proofread.

5. The novel writer. I say “novel”. What I mean is large chunk of text. I failed English OK, I don’t like endless amounts of words, I get it sometimes we have a lot to say. Do me a favour. Use paragraphs. Use pictures. It makes it less intimidating. Also, lists are good. 

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Things I Hate About Christmas


By the time this is published, it will probably be Christmas Eve. So merry Christmas. 

Moving on, it’s Christmas, so me being me, there are certain things I hate.

1. Elderly Relatives. You sit there talking to them. Most things they say end up being “what?”  Then shortly after Christmas dinner, they fall asleep with some crap on TV, but the moment you try to change the channel they wake up.

2. Music. Come on, it’s shit.

3. Christmas cake. We have one that’s been on the go for about 2 years because no one likes it, and it for some reason, doesn’t go off. I don’t trust that.

4. Being sociable. My family get stuck in a confined area with each other, no phones allowed out. It’s really crap because, as previously discussed on other posts, I don’t like my extended family, or my closer family.

5. Twitter. The only things you see all day are “ohh it’s Christmas.” Then photos of people who are having a much better day than you.

In all seriousness, I do like Christmas (I mean, there’s a shit tonne of food, the lights and stuff) but I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the more crap aspects, because I don’t get why people say they like those things… Someone explain.

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Strange Christmas Presents…


Last night was, interesting. We had a few people over. There was a lot of alcohol. Then we got onto the discussion of how my dad gives really strange gifts.

Last year for Christmas, he gave me and my brother a book each about growing up, sex and stuff like that. Me, not being female or straight with a book for a straight female target audience, didn’t bother opening the book. And neither did my brother for whatever reason.

Cutting a long and strange story short, we found the books last night. 

One person, who’d been drinking a fair amount decided to educate us all. Being the most sober and gayest one in the room, it was pretty entertaining. Especially the part where said person taught my grandad about whanking… Awkward.

Anyway, I was thinking, I can’t be the only person who’s got weird gifts like this… What’s the weirdest gift anyone who’s read this far has got?

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My Big Burghley F*ck Up


I went to Burghley Horse Trials, if you follow my Instagram (@awkwardhumanblog), you’d know that. If you know anything about horses, you’d also know that Burghley is kind of a big deal.

So obviously when my aunt and uncle asked if I wanted to go for the Saturday, I said yes.

But, like most things in my life, this didn’t exactly go to plan. When I say that, I mean we fucked up pretty badly. So when my uncle phoned my dad (when we were initially planning to go), my dad was told it was on the August Bank Holidah weekend. My uncle called back and then said it was the first weekend of September.

By this point, August bank holiday weekend was written in the calendar. Some idiot forgot to change this. Because it was written in the calendar, no one questioned it. For months, we’d been talking about a different weekend. Until the Friday of the bank holiday.

Our tickets weren’t here. We were in full panic mode. So we called my aunt and uncle. This was the point where they realised, we had the wrong weekend. Fail. As a result, half of the people we were originally going with, couldn’t come.

When the right weekend eventually arrived, I was fully expecting everything to go wrong. Turns out I was wrong about things going wrong.

It was an amazing day, and my biggest problem was that I really could have used a second battery for my camera.

More photos are on my Instagram.

We sat in a spot (I think it was Discovery Valley) for a large amount of the morning, since each horse and rider came through there twice. Then in the afternoon we walked around the course a bit more.

I haven’t really been to an event like Burghley before, but I think it was a good experience and I’d definitely be up for it again.

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My Spam Comments


I get a lot of spam comments. Some of them are pretty funny. Obviously normally they can’t be seen and I don’t get notified by them thanks to Akismet. But I can choose to view them, and every so often I do. So I decided to leave them for maybe a couple of months so I could write a post about my spam comments. Here we go…

I really don’t understand the first paragraph… Or any of the rest of it actually. Did this person just do that thing where they write what autocorrect suggests?

Well thankyou… But that post really wasn’t that interesting, and I don’t think there’s much to learn.

Wow, free truck games? Sign me up. I didn’t bother to check out the link, but I’m guessing it’s self promotion.

Ok, this is literally pressing autocorrect. This made me laugh, a lot.

Is it me, or are they writing to Sheryl? The third paragraph confuses me. Thanks for the spam comment to someone else.

Thanks for the free advice, but in all seriousness, I’m not that serious about this blog.

This started off as just weird then got into self promotion. And what is it with them all being on Why I Am The Way I Am?

I have an RSS feed? That’s news.

Loving the self promotion. Thank you very much.

This person had another 4 comments also on the same post… What the actual fuck? Stop getting your bot or whatever to ask for advice, and at least get a better one that doesn’t comment on the same post.

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What Happened On DofE


I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I have been working towards my Duke Of Edinburgh bronze award for a while. If I haven’t before, feel free to appreciate that I dislike the monarchy but I bothered to do the award. 

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Duke Of Edinburgh award (or DofE) is an award where you can do bronze, silver and gold. For all you need to do a certain amount of time of a physical, a skill and a volunteering activity. Then there’s an expedition which you have to survive, it looks really good if you can complete the award, especially for gold.

So a couple of weeks ago I had to do the final expedition. My group failed the practise due to a certain group member who has been discussed on this blog before, and I usually refer to them as E. I wasn’t looking forward to the final expedition as a result of this. 

Anyway, day one was mostly alright, we had a few minor group arguments about the route as well as another 2 group members making general comments towards each other due to the weird circumstances of their friendship/ being friends with benefits thing. (Long story short, they broke up a while ago, stayed friends, girl not happy when boy talks to anyone, boy recently got new girlfriend).

In the evening when I was in a tent by myself because my tent mate didn’t show up and no one else wanted to be in a tent with me “in case they had to carry more tent” I realised how much I was hating the expedition. I was in pain from my badly fitting backpack and I just wasn’t enjoying myself at all.

I guess at this point I realised I had places I could be where I might get some sleep and some WiFi. The worst point was when I looked at the dog poo bag containing my phone and I realised a fucking dog poo bag and some sellotape was all that was stopping me from reaching civilisation.

Day two was when everything went really downhill. I nearly threw up my breakfast because we “had” to eat it. We were also warned that the route for this day was difficult, our supervisor got lost when they had to walk it before.

At about 11am we were very lost. We walked through a forest where we got attacked by nettles and thorns, most of the plants were overgrown. Then we got out of the other side and the horseflies came along. I got 5 bites, and I don’t react well to them.

After this, shit happened. Apparently it was all my fault that we were lost. Everyone was pissed with everyone. And of course, it just is never E’s fault that anything happens.

We found a road and some houses that were marked on the map and found our way to the checkpoint. However, at this point we had only just arrived there within an hour (any longer and you have to notify someone). E was then pissed that we had to walk straight through the next two checkpoints to try and make up some time. 

And it was all my fault. And if E was going to faint, it would be all my fault. At this point I was just thinking “are you going to faint? No. Great. Let me know if you are, then we can stop.”

As we walked along I basically received a character assassination. I’m not going to lie, I was glad for my sunglasses. 

So we survived and got to the end and it looked impressive that we’d “found our way back by ourselves”. Our supervisor was talking to me while we waited for our bus back, by this point my group were playing on some children’s playing equipment and she was asking how I thought it went.

This was the point where I could literally no longer control myself, (I’m normally pretty good at controlling my emotions). I literally cried and I told her how I’d hated every minute and basically explained what had happened.

Then my dad called, great timing as ever. I tried to pretend it was all OK, it didn’t work. I was so tired and genuinely insulted by my so called best friend’s behaviour that, yeah, I was a mess.

If there’s anything to learn from my experience, I’d say that sunglasses are your best friend, don’t make yourself eat your breakfast and make sure you aren’t going to hate each other at the end when you pick your group.

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People I Hate On Twitter


So I’ve discussed people I hate on Instagram and on Snapchat. I think that it’s only fair that I discuss the people that I hate on Twitter, because like Instagram and Snapchat, I hate a lot of people on Twitter.

Firstly, I have to discuss the person who simply replies to tweets with emojis. Quite frankly, if you’re going to bother to take 3 seconds to do that, either take another 3 to write some words, or don’t waste your time at all, all it does is annoy anyone who follows you having to scroll through endless emojis of your twitter replies (yes by all means, OCCASIONALLY it is OK, but just quit it all the time).

I also have a major problem with people who reply to every tweet that a person in the public eye writes. Especially the people who ask them to follow them because it will “make their day”. Shut the fuck up, if you are literally begging people to follow you, it’s probably because you have nothing interesting to say and they don’t want to see the endless replies to other people which are also not worth the space in their timeline that the tweet takes up.

I also have serious problems with that person who follows you, unfollows you then refollows you. A certain LGBT rights activist has done this to me several times, while I find it hilarious that evidently I can’t be bothered to annoy people over their views like said person enough, it is actually quite annoying the way every so often they decide to refollow me again and I have to go to the effort of opening my Twitter to see that they decided to do this.

The small youtubers that have about 20 accounts which they follow you on are also really annoying. You go onto your Twitter to see you have around 7 new followers. But oh look, they’re all the same person trying to get you to subscribe to their channel, you know what? I don’t think I will thank you very much. More annoying than this, is when they then DM you to ask you to subscribe and you’re left there politely saying “I’ll check it out later!” When really, we all know that that will not be happening.

My final person that I hate on twitter is the person whose tweet is mostly hashtags “and their #tweet will have #random hashtags in the #middle of the tweet”  and it basically just screams idiot from a mile away.

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Types Of People I Hate On Instagram


A while ago I made a post about people who annoy me on snapchat and I decided that since a lot of people annoy me on Instagram, I would talk about them here.

1. The Layout Person. This person is really annoying because they clog up your feed with random looking posts and only when you click on their profile and all of their posts do you see the full effect. I personally just find the individual posts in my feed so annoying.

I do love Kygo and his music, but I had to use his feed as an example for the obvious reason of anonymity.

2. The Endless Restarter. This person, every so often will either delete everything they ever posted, or like the layout person, will post dividing posts. I REALLY DON’T GIVE A SHIT. Also, can I point out that I have a brain, I can clearly see that your posts forward of a certain point look a bit different.

3. The “Like My Recent” person. I don’t need a separate post to tell me to go and like the last thing you posted. If I want to see what you posted, I will go straight to that post.

4. The Attention Seeker. Most people I know fall into this category. This person posts a photo with the caption “Not Sure/ Don’t like _____ chose”. Firstly, if you don’t like it, don’t share it. Secondly, I couldn’t care less who told you to post it. They will also post photos captioned ” Opinions?” All the fucking time. Mate, don’t get pissed with me when I say that’s a shit photo. You wanted my opinion.

5. The Quoter. This person either posts backgrounds from the internet with a quote they found on the internet on top of it that means shit all to no one, either that or they post a selfie with a completely irrelevant quote, often from an overplayed shit song, as the caption. Just get off the internet.

6. The Endless Hastag User. This person generally puts their whole caption in hashtags. In all fairness, I haven’t found anyone who does this recently, but it’s just annoying.

7. The Snapshot Screenshotter. You do not deserve to be on the internet. As if you weren’t annoying enough on Snapchat, you also curse your Instagram followers. No one gives a shit about the endless dog filter selfies. Just delete your account please.

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People On Snapchat Who Really Annoy Me


Today I am going to talk about something that really annoys me. This something, it’s something most people use in their everyday lives and it will eat your data allowance. It’s called Snapchat.

It’s not so much Snapchat that annoys me. It’s the people who use it. Minutes before I began writing this post I got a fucking circular snap sent to me. 

I’m telling you, there is nothing more irritating when your phone goes off. You go to the effort of getting it out of your pocket (which is a lot with the jacket I was wearing earlier). Then you see that someone sent you a Snapchat. You open your phone and see that its something like “out now n/r” or “someone pop up”.

Shut the hell up. You are heading the right way to get blocked.

While I’m on the subject of pointless snapchats. Streaks. No. Just no. My stories are always full of people saying “anyone want to do streaks?” NO ONE WANTS TO DO STREAKS WITH YOU. 

And oh my god. People who give their passwords to their friends so they can keep their streaks going while their on holiday. Oh yes, why don’t we just exchange phone passcodes while we’re at it. Or scratch that, just make a joint account in the first place.

Can I also please address the issue of filters. By all means have a play with them. But do not post you mucking around with EVERY filter on to your story. Save humanity please.

People who put their numbers onto Snapchat on the 1 second photo… What exactly is it you are trying to achieve? I had to ask that question? If you actually want people to get your number, either give it to them or put it onto a decent length photo so people with slow reactions or shit phones may have a chance. Thank you.

The guy who’s there lip syncing and dancing to overplayed songs (yes, hello Marcus Butler), quit it. No one gives a shit. We don’t want to see you looking like a fuckimg idiot with a really overplayed song in the background.

Finally. If your name is not Dillon Francis, please do not attempt to be the angry guy who’s so angry its funny to get more friends. It only works if your name is Dillon Francis.

I hope you enjoyed this little complaining session. I enjoyed it, its been a while since I had a good complain. If you did enjoy it please give it a like, if I there’s a type of person on Snapchat who pisses you off and I forgot them, please do let me know about them and if you want to see more of these type of things, also let me know in the comments. If you want to see more of my posts please follow me, it really means a lot.

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