Types of People on Clash Of Clans


As you should be well aware, I play Clash Of Clans (too much). I also have a tendency to go onto the global chat pools on there to annoy them. In the 3 years I have been playing this game, I have come to recognise the different types of people on this game. And yes, I am tragic.

1. The Perv- This guy will usually sit there going from global pool to global pool saying “any girls”. When he finds a girl he will usually try to get their instagram so he can chat them up. In my clan we like to play a game called “annoy the perv”. Where we like to lead them on and then drop the bombshell that we are gay (even if we aren’t.)

2. The ” join my clan” person. This idiot is usually in silver or bronze league and is often in a clan with less than 10 people. They will pester people that are way higher than them to try to get them to join their clans, even if they are already in a clan.

3. The beginner This idiot will go around pretending they know everything OR they will be there saying “oh wow, you’re in silver league… You’re amazing.” Silver league is the second lowest league for gods sake. 

4. The angry person. This person will be just looking for a fight and will just randomly start annoying any one for any reason.

5. The kid. The kids tend to just wind everyone up as much as possible and they are the reason many clans are 18+ only.

6. The Rusher I can not stand this person. They make wars much harder and are often quite selfish. They will often go onto global and boast about their town hall 11 and just are quite annoying.

7. The “rate my base” person. This person has no life. They will sit there for hours coming up with really creative layouts. I have seen some interesting ones- I’ve seen one of two hands with the middle fingers up. I’ve seen one reading “have a nice day” and I have 3 creative layouts. One says “fuck off”. Another is a Martin Garrix symbol (in completed) and the other is an Avicii symbol.

8. The bragger. This guy is always master league and above. They will pick on the beginners and rushers and tell them they are shit. This guy has a tendency to be a dick.
So that is all the different people I have come across while playing Clash of Clans. Some of these do fall into more than one category.

I’m now going to be the ‘join my clan’ person. My clan tag is #LRLG2RJG and anyone is welcome if you have more than 1000 trophies.

Love,  AkwardHuman xx