Being ill is horrible!

So, from the title I think you can guess that I am ill. I have been ill for a few days now, since Monday. And I also have an ear infection. Which meant I had to go to the doctors.


My cat has been keeping me company 😀

The majority of you may think, whats the big deal? The big deal is, I don’t like doctors. They scare me. I always panic and stress before I go to one so I try to avoid them.

Anyway, since I shared one of my fears with you, I may as well share the rest. My ulitmate fear is death. There isn’t much to do about it other than ignore it.

Another fear is heights, I pretty much overcame it in summer. My family took me canyoning, which is something I would really recomend if you ever get the chance. Once I faced my fear it was fine.

My final fear, is getting laughed at. I really hate people laughing at me and normally its for being myself.

So those are my fears, what are your fears?

AkwardHuman xx