Work Experience At The Zoo Week 2


This week was my second (and unfortunately last) week at the zoo. I got up to all kinds of stuff.

I came in on Monday to find that the otter had spent a lot of time up a tree, so for most of the week that was the big discussion. To be honest, it was a nice break from the endless boring conversations I have at school about guys…

I spent Monday and Tuesday with camels, zebras and llamas, which was quite a nice section to be on and the keepers I was with were really nice. I spent Wednesday with primates, which was by far my least favourite because (I think I may have said this before) their houses are really horrible if you are a human. On Thursday I was with cats, so that was fun, although I did have to spend ages gutting fish for sealions, which is a pretty grim job, it wasn’t too bad though. On Friday I was with the pandas, meerkats and kangaroos. I also got to feed the penguins, so it was a pretty good way to end my time there.

I really enjoyed my time at the zoo. I met some amazing people and animals, I found some fellow gays. I learnt a lot. In terms of how I feel mentally, I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time.

While I was there, I also found out about a 5km fun run they are doing in just over a month. As much as I believe that the words fun and run do not belong in the same sentence, it is a challenge that I have set myself to complete. So this should be interesting.

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Work Experience At The Zoo


This week, I’ve been on my first week of work experience in a zoo. I’ll be there for another week after this, so I’ll probably be dead by the end of it.

The first thing that hit me was the amount of health and safety. On my first morning I had to read the entire health and safety procedure, an entire file of it, it took me an hour and a half.

The next thing was how physically exhausting it is… I’ve crashed on my sofa by around 8:30 every evening.

However, I have really enjoyed it. On my first day I was allowed to hand feed a kangaroo. On Tuesday I was with giraffes all day. I also fed the penguins on the Wednesday, which was really good. On Thursday I got to be with the camels and the zebras.

Friday was probably my least favourite day because I was with primates, their houses are really horrible for humans because there’s branches and ropes everywhere, which is great for the animals, not the idiot trying to clean them out.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed my week and I’m really excited for this week coming up.

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Are We Ever Really Ready To Say Goodbye?


Last week I had to make the hardest decision you have to make as a pet owner.

On Friday I went out to see my rabbits and I noticed that one of my rabbit’s fat on her chest had dropped. I asked my mum to take a look at it while I was at school. She failed to so on Saturday I went and picked her up. The moment I did I felt that the fat in her chest had a massive lump, so I bought her in. That was when I realised it had also burst.

Our usual vets couldn’t see us, so we had to call around other local vets and fortunately one said they could see us.

When we took her, the vet was fairly confident it was an abcyss since she’d had one before and that they could do a straightforward operation at their partner branch that day. So we drove to the other branch.

The vet there didn’t share the confidence. Due to where the lump was, she didn’t think she would be able to stitch the rabbit back up. My mum and I had to make the decision to pur her down.

I always find it the hardest decision. Every time we get a pet, it’s easy to think, “when the time comes, I’ll do what’s in the animals best interest.” Its also easy if its not your animal.

But for me, I kept seeing the baby rabbit we bought home, who we’d sneak into the house when my dad was at rugby with my brother. Her daughter who now sits in her run, alone. And that’s what makes it so hard.

You can try to mentally prepare yourself as well as you can, but I don’t think we’re ever truly ready to say goodbye.

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Returning To My Old Riding Stables?


Today I went back for my old riding stables for a lesson. Basically at this place you have to buy your lessons in 6’s, and I had one left and they wouldn’t refund that. So I had to take the lesson. (It sounds like I didn’t want to, I didn’t mind).

So I showed up, had a look to see which horse I would be riding. The horse I rode, is fine unless you want to jump. Then I realised that we had my least favourite instructor, so I would be jumping. I haven’t jumped in over a year, and to do it on a horse that doesn’t really like to jump, let’s say it was entertaining.

During the course of the lesson, I found that I really didn’t like the instructor and the group, well it just wasn’t my old group. When it ended my mum asked if I wanted the occasional lesson there. My answer was no. In my trip there, I found there wasn’t really anything left for me. All the staff and instructors that I liked when I used to be there have left. My favourite horses are gone. And the group just wasn’t the same.

The lesson wasn’t a bad lesson, just I feel that I’m better where I am now.

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My Anti-Vegan arguement.


Before I even start here. I will probably offend a reasonable number of people.

I can’t stand a lot of people. What a surprise. But one group of people that really piss me off are vegans that sit there promoting veganism because meat and animal products are cruel. I’ve been meaning to write this since I watched a really biased episode of Food Unwrapped and going on twitter to complain about it, and I feel that since it’s Veganuary or whatever they call it, this is an appropriate time.

I can just about get vegetarianism, although personally meat production doesn’t bother me, I get that it bothers some people.

What I don’t get, is vegans. I have a few reasons for this. Number one. Wool. You have to sheer the sheep for reasons such as flystrike. It doesn’t get cold because it produces lanolin pretty quickly. Taking the wool is doing the sheep a favour, so you may as well do something with it… Right?

Number two. Eggs. Most birds lay an egg most days, then forget about it and leave it. If you leave the eggs, then all you are doing is attracting rats, which will not be good for your birds health, so you have to take them. Most of them will not be fertilized, so again, you may as well do something with it.

Number 3. Milk. When I went to do my research for this one, it kept chucking biased articles from Peta at me. However, I’m fairly sure I heard from somewhere that if you don’t milk cows, the cow can get infections. Again, doing it favours. 

I hope that if you aren’t vegan, you found this entertaining, if you are, I would say sorry if I offended you, but that would probably be bullshit, stop being biased in forcing your views on others. Give it a like if you enjoyed it. Follow me to see more of what I have to say.

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The Actual Reality Of Farming


The conditions of animal farming are often something that is misinterpreted by many people. Many people will say that animals are kept in dark cramped conditions without enough space to move.

This is not the reality. In the UK, all of our meat has to be kept to a very high standard while the animal is alive, anything with the little red tractor on it has met these standards.

I have worked on a sheep farm so I think that I have a fairly justified view on the reality of farming and photo evidence (which is currently on my laptop, not my phone). Animals are actually kept in fields where possible and there is always enough grass and food for each animal.

The only exception to this, is if there is an issue with a certain animal or during lambing season for example. These animals will be kept in smaller pens in barns in order to (especially in case of an injury) prevent animals from making themselves worse, to ensure a fast recovery.

Animal ‘activists’ will go into these hospital barns and claim that they are the reality. They are not, they are simply just a small stage which is saving the lives of animals.

May I also point out that when the animals are killed for their meat, they are not barbarically killed. Funny enough, if you think it through logically, this would affect the quality of the meat and also, again in the UK the RSPCA go into these places and inspect them, if the animals were not being killed in a humane way they would shut them down.

Just think it through logically. If anyone wanted to make money, they would have to keep animals to a good standard or no one would buy the meat and therefore, no money would be made. And anyway, UK= high standards.

Also, now that I am on the subject of farm animal welfare, it has recently been announced that the government is scrapping the code for the welfare of farm animals, starting with the poultry sector. Can I just say that this is a bad move. The welfare of those animals is now resting on those who want their meat. While yes they want good meat, they will definitely be doing everything on the cheap. Which does not mean that the animals will be getting a good quality of life.

It has been said that the punishments for mistreatment of animals will still remain the same. Who knows? The UK is a country that is recognised for standing up for the welfare of all animals, and personally,  I think it’s good at the moment. However, this could be the beginning of a slippery slope. There is a fine balance of good treatment and poor treatment. While I am currently for the farming of animals, it is only if they are being treated properly.

If you have an opinion, please do feel free to leave a comment.

Love, AkwardHuman

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What Happened To My Guinea Pig


My mum is a bitch who just doesn’t listen. How do I know this? Well. Last weekend my guinea pig died. The other one was lonely.

So on Monday, we went and got a new pair of guinea pigs from the RSPCA. Mum said “When should we introduce them to the other guinea pig”. I said Saturday so I could be there and keep an eye on them.

So it got to Friday. I went off to school. Without my knowledge, while I was at school she opened the hutch, giving the access to the main run.

I got home from school. “Mum why did you let them out?”

“You said to didn’t you?”

“No. I said Saturday so I can supervise”

Then I looked around properly. One was missing. 2 hours later, I gave up looking.

Later Update:
It’s Saturday and we just found it. Somehow it had got out of the run and was under some decking.

Mum, you bitch, if you listened to me this wouldn’t have happened and you wouldn’t have wasted £10 of your money.

What is it with parents not listening? Someone please tell me you can relate to this and it’s not just my parents with the incapability to listen.

Love, AkwardHuman

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Guide Dogs For The Blind


I am a big suppprter of Guide Dogs for the Blind, which is a charity who provide guide dogs for blind people (it’s sort of self explanitry). My aunt puppy walks for them, I have a blind friend who has a guide dog, my other aunt provides guide dog respite and we take guide dogs when they retire.

One thing really pisses me off. So many people don’t know what guide dogs actually do. Nearly everyone who I talk to, when my hear that my dog is a retired guide dog, the first thing they say is does it get your slippers for you then? No. The word guide dog sort of says it. They take you from place to place and insure their owners safety. Helper Dogs for the Disabled get slippers.

True story, my dogs owner (who was also the blind friend mentioned above) was in a theatre with her husband. The fire alarm went off. Because the dog has to insure the owners safety, she pulled her owner along the fastest route and by the time her husband had caught up with her outside, she’d been out there for quite a while.

Another thing that pisses me off, people don’t realise that guide dogs retire. Humans don’t have to work until they drop down dead so why should they? They retire them to friends and family only and there are numerous house checks first. The age for retirement is 10, but some get retired earlier due to health problems or a refusal to work. This surprises alot of people, but if you think, it’s unsafe for both the owner and dog if the dog doesn’t want to work.

I have a great amount of respect for all blind people who rely on a guide dog to get around, and for anyone who helps in the process of guide dog training and care. These dogs give people their lives and independence. It’s hard putting your faith into a dog, try it, take your dog (or someone else’s) for a walk and close your eyes.

Anyone who says guide dogs is inhumane or cruel, hasn’t been educated very well. I have a feeling the RSPCA would have stepped in if that were the case, plus if they don’t want to work, they don’t have to.

I hope that this post has made you aware of what Guide Dogs do, and that you will also support this worthy cause.

Love, AkwardHuman xx

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The Most Mortifying Ride Ever


As you know (or should know), I love horse riding. I’ve just got in from my lesson this evening.

Let’s say it could have gone better. Yes it could be worse but it wasn’t good either (suddenly put Avicii lyrics in my head- I may not be the best, but I’m far from the worst).

Anyway, I was on the reversing horse. And she was not having a good day. Which meant there was alot of reversing, going backwards and turning around in circles. When we jumped, it just didn’t happened.

Did I mention I also had a new instructor to impress? Yeah. Not ideal. You can probably guess the impression they got. As well as the one that I am an idiot (that’s the impression everyone gets), he also got the one I can’t ride (probably, hopefully not).

Fortunately, he then got on the horse and realised it was in fact the horse, not me but still, I can’t shake the feeling that what he said (I can tell the horse is difficult, it’s not your riding, I’ll make sure you get a different horse next time) was to be nice.

It was embarrassing. Still, at least I wasn’t the idiot who fell off (this other kid in the lesson, the creepy stalker).

I guess next week, I’ll have to show him what I’m actually capable of.

Love, AkwardHuman xx

Riding Helmets


As some of you may or may not be aware, there is a change of standard that riding helmets must meet in the UK. I checked my helmet and it doesn’t meet those standards. This meant I had the challenge of explaining to my mum why I needed a new helmet.

Firstly, although I don’t compete, my stables can not insure me to ride if my helmet doesn’t meet the correct standards. Probably because when I fall off (note the when not if) if they find I technically wasn’t safe to ride, they’re going to be in some serious shit.

I think, they update standards to stop people using old helmets because the protective plates on older helmets wear down and break. Which makes them unprotective. Plus helmet companies want some more money.

Anyay, secondly my helmet has been bashed around. Alot. I also think that I may have fallen and hit my head once…

Thirdly, my straps were broken.

That was the argunent I presented. Between salesperson of the year and me, we told her this. She then said why do you have to have such an expensive hobby. I told her horses or drugs, which are much more expensive, dangerous and illegal.

She saw sense. If you have difficulty explaining the helmet situation to your parents, show the all that 👆. Then show them this 👇.

Life is pretty fragile. I have had 2 encounters with death this week and nearly saw my own. I saw my brothers duck die, a horse and we nearly had a head on collision in a car. It doesn’t take alot to die, especially where horses and heads are involved. Wear a helmet.

I just have a simple skull cap, £45 and a hat silk £8. It’s not a crazy amount in comparison to some things.


Yeah, I got passionate about helmets.

Love, AkwardHuman xx