How To Do University Open Days


I’ve been going around university open days recently, and there’s a few things that I wish I’d been told.

1. Prebook. A long time in advance. Especially for competitive subjects like veterinary- which is what I’ve been looking around for. For some universities I booked onto the open days the moment booking was open. For other universities I left it to the last minute, and didn’t get onto the open days, and a lot of my associates at school have found out the hard way that you need to book a while in advance.

2. Plan the day. Go to as many talks and tours that are relevant as you can fit into the day.

3. Sort your outfit. Yes, its not interviews. I showed up to open days (probably a bit over dressed thanks to the parents) and saw a number of people wearing literally as little as they possibly could. You are meeting people who could be studying alongside or teaching you. You don’t want to be remembered as the person who looked homeless or really untidy, or whatever. Also, wear sensible shoes, there’s a lot walking.

4. Think of questions to ask in advance. Write them down. I had half a million things I needed to ask, and at my first open day when asked by students and staff if I had any questions, I couldn’t remember a number of the things I wanted to ask.

5. Talk to as many students as possible. Especially the ones doing subjects you want to study, they can give you the most accurate information about student life doing that subject at that university.

6. If you have time, see the city. You will be living in that city for at least 3 years, longer for some courses or you want to do postgraduate studies, so its important to try to get a feel for the area the university is in.

I hope that this little guide is helpful to you. Remember to enjoy your open days.

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My 5km In 5 Weeks


I have my best, and my worst ideas at 2am. The night I finished my work experience at the zoo, I decided to do a 5km run that they were doing at the end of May.

I’m going to make one thing clear. I would be exhausted after running for a bus. When I told my parents, my mum was like “sure why not, I’ll do it too.” My dad… Found the idea slightly more entertaining.

So that settled it. I was going to do it. To prove my dad wrong, and see my friends at the zoo again.

I started off by going on the treadmill and seeing how far I could go. It was pretty slow, but I did do the 5km, it wasn’t a respectable time (50 minutes) but I did it. That Saturday, I went to my local parkrun. I found it easier than going on a treadmill, possibly because I wasn’t stating at a wall the whole time, but I went and did it in 33 minutes and 35 seconds. Slightly more respectable.

My goal was to do it in under 30 minutes, the closest I came was 31 minutes due to being ill at one point and heat. On the night I managed 33 minutes, which I wasn’t happy with, however given the heat, I was pleased that I didn’t walk and I didn’t get dizzy.

I now aim to do a few more 5km events and I will be doing the same event next year, hopefully somewhere around the 25 minute mark, but we’ll see.

While I’m talking about this, I also want to say that the parkrun was a really important part of this for me. It’s nice and supportive, there’s people of all different running abilities, so you really won’t be the slowest. They’ll time you as well so you can know how you’re doing. They also occasionally have pacemakers out there so you can run with them to finish at your target time.

I’m not here to preach fitness (god no…) But if you want to have a go, there isn’t anything stopping you. Just go for it.

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Sometimes I Get Bored


I am pretty gay. Pretending to be a heterosexual female means I get bored listening to the endless conversations about guys.

One of the things I get really fed up of is hearing about all of the girls boyfriends/ guys they’ve been talking too. One, I’m very single. Two, their conversations are just really fucking boring and lack any actually meaning.

One of the girls… Jesus. She can’t go five minutes without mentioning that she has a boyfriend. She may as well be introducing herself by saying “hi my name is [name] and I have a boyfriend”. I really don’t fucking care and to be honest it just pisses me off because if I was to have a girlfriend, it would be socially unacceptable for me to discuss my relationship in the way she does (she doesn’t even tell us all the details of their relationship, mostly just likes to remind everyone that she’s in one).

Am I the only person who gets this way sometimes…. Someone please reassure me that I’m not a terrible human being…

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The Head Girl Situation


My school opened its applications for head girl/boy, heads of houses and all the other pretentious roles this week. We were also told that we were all expected to apply. And naturally, my parents made me apply.

So I had to apply to be head girl and head of house. Personally I’d much rather be a head of house, but my parents don’t know about my agendereyness and won’t have anything less than the highest role.

So I sat down to write my application letter. And got stuck at the first question… What makes you suitable for this role. Literally fucking nothing, I hate the school, I’m not even female. Basically the only thing that makes me good for the role is that I am a master of bullshit.

So my mum took over writing my letter. So what was a blank page became the biggest and most pretentious load of bullshit ever. And I read it. At least the bullshit I would have come up with may have been believable.

So I get told off for being ungrateful. Then I just say, I don’t want to be head girl. At my school they have to sit at the front of every assembly. I struggle enough to stay awake, if I was head girl, I’d have to look interested. No thank you.

So then I got told off because I need to be head girl for my CV. I’m told “it’s a game you have to play.”

Newsflash. I’m fucking fed up of playing other people’s games for them. It’s not the kind of person I want to be. I’m done with it.

So anyway, I handed in the letter that my parents wrote because I basically walked off and lost interest and now I have an interview on Tuesday…

Which means that I need to try learn to speak “properly” according to my mum, because having a head girl who speaks how people actually tend to speak would be a complete embarrassment. Has she even realised what she’s raising? And I also need to come up with some reasons as to why I want to be head girl… May need some help there…

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Goodbye Avicii.


This week we lost possibly one of the greatest icons in EDM, Avicii. Like many others, when I first heard the news, I didn’t believe it, I didn’t want it to be true. But it is.

I don’t think there’s much I can say that everyone else hasn’t already said, but I couldn’t just say nothing. As a producer he was incredible. He bought EDM into charts with songs like Wake Me Up and Hey Brother. But also as a DJ, I’d always hoped to see him live, but now we know that won’t happen.

Everyone who worked with him said he was a great person. He inspired so many producers and DJs out there.

It is absolutely devastating news, and my heart goes out to all of Tim’s friends and family. Stay strong.

AwkwardHuman xx

Work Experience At The Zoo Week 2


This week was my second (and unfortunately last) week at the zoo. I got up to all kinds of stuff.

I came in on Monday to find that the otter had spent a lot of time up a tree, so for most of the week that was the big discussion. To be honest, it was a nice break from the endless boring conversations I have at school about guys…

I spent Monday and Tuesday with camels, zebras and llamas, which was quite a nice section to be on and the keepers I was with were really nice. I spent Wednesday with primates, which was by far my least favourite because (I think I may have said this before) their houses are really horrible if you are a human. On Thursday I was with cats, so that was fun, although I did have to spend ages gutting fish for sealions, which is a pretty grim job, it wasn’t too bad though. On Friday I was with the pandas, meerkats and kangaroos. I also got to feed the penguins, so it was a pretty good way to end my time there.

I really enjoyed my time at the zoo. I met some amazing people and animals, I found some fellow gays. I learnt a lot. In terms of how I feel mentally, I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time.

While I was there, I also found out about a 5km fun run they are doing in just over a month. As much as I believe that the words fun and run do not belong in the same sentence, it is a challenge that I have set myself to complete. So this should be interesting.

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Work Experience At The Zoo


This week, I’ve been on my first week of work experience in a zoo. I’ll be there for another week after this, so I’ll probably be dead by the end of it.

The first thing that hit me was the amount of health and safety. On my first morning I had to read the entire health and safety procedure, an entire file of it, it took me an hour and a half.

The next thing was how physically exhausting it is… I’ve crashed on my sofa by around 8:30 every evening.

However, I have really enjoyed it. On my first day I was allowed to hand feed a kangaroo. On Tuesday I was with giraffes all day. I also fed the penguins on the Wednesday, which was really good. On Thursday I got to be with the camels and the zebras.

Friday was probably my least favourite day because I was with primates, their houses are really horrible for humans because there’s branches and ropes everywhere, which is great for the animals, not the idiot trying to clean them out.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed my week and I’m really excited for this week coming up.

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Swedish House Mafia Is Back


If you even follow anything in music, you should be aware that Swedish House Mafia reunited for a surprise performance at Ultra Miami last weekend.

This was something we’d all been waiting for since they broke up 5 years ago. And they did not disappoint. Their set was all over YouTube, and it was phenomenal.

Personally, I’m kicking myself a bit for not noticing a lot of things. Amy Thomson, Axwell and Ingrosso’s manager pointed our that whenever she’d said they weren’t getting back together, she had put three dots- the Swedish House Mafia logo. I literally screamed.

The big question though… A lot of people are asking, was this just a one time thing, or are they back for good? Steve Angello’s manager has posted a few images which would suggest they are back for good, one captioned “The beginning.” Tomorrowland has also posted things along the lines of “expect the unexpected”, which was what Ultra had been saying, suggesting they are back for good.

Quite frankly, I’m glad I was able to witness it, even if it was by a pretty poor angle from the livestream. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me, I’ve refound my love of EDM and since last Sunday I’ve just felt so much better about live. The old me is back.

Personally, I think that these guys really did Save The World. And welcome back to Swedish House Mafia.

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Are We Ever Really Ready To Say Goodbye?


Last week I had to make the hardest decision you have to make as a pet owner.

On Friday I went out to see my rabbits and I noticed that one of my rabbit’s fat on her chest had dropped. I asked my mum to take a look at it while I was at school. She failed to so on Saturday I went and picked her up. The moment I did I felt that the fat in her chest had a massive lump, so I bought her in. That was when I realised it had also burst.

Our usual vets couldn’t see us, so we had to call around other local vets and fortunately one said they could see us.

When we took her, the vet was fairly confident it was an abcyss since she’d had one before and that they could do a straightforward operation at their partner branch that day. So we drove to the other branch.

The vet there didn’t share the confidence. Due to where the lump was, she didn’t think she would be able to stitch the rabbit back up. My mum and I had to make the decision to pur her down.

I always find it the hardest decision. Every time we get a pet, it’s easy to think, “when the time comes, I’ll do what’s in the animals best interest.” Its also easy if its not your animal.

But for me, I kept seeing the baby rabbit we bought home, who we’d sneak into the house when my dad was at rugby with my brother. Her daughter who now sits in her run, alone. And that’s what makes it so hard.

You can try to mentally prepare yourself as well as you can, but I don’t think we’re ever truly ready to say goodbye.

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Types of People I Hate In Public Places


I think by now, if I hasn’t already said it, it’s pretty clear that I hate humans. One of my major problems with other humans is the way they behave in public places or crowds. There are a few types that I have particular problems with, and are the reason I avoid my local town.

1. Parents. As a rule I hate small children. But sometimes it’s the proud parents of their precious children that I have a bigger problem with. Because while they are unable to control their offspring, they then, as they try to control them say “let this nice girl/lady past”. Woah woah woah. First thing, I am not nice. Second, I am not female.

2. Small Children. They scream, get in your way, then wonder why you trip over them and scream some more. Parents, control your children.

3. Teenagers. Especially the ones you attend school with. All there hanging around pretending to be cool playing overplayed music on a shit speaker. And meanwhile you’re just there thinking is this really the best way to use your time. You look fucking bored.

4. Grandmas. The middle of the street is not the place to have your discussion while either stopped or walking so slow we all may as well be in a funeral procession. MOVE OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY.

5. The fake policeman. I swear a lot. One of my favourite words is probably fuck. Then you get the dick who pulls you up and tells you “there are children present” I honestly don’t give a shit. If a parent can control their child for long enough to have a conversation, they can tell it not to say fuck. So fuck off.

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