My Fake Instagram


I’ve shared before about how the people at my school were pretty homophobic. Instead of complaining… I thought to myself “I could have some fun with this.” 

So I set up a new Instagram account. I used the gender neutral middle name that I chose for myself (no one at school knows about it) as the name I set it up as. I then gave myself a nice profile photo and a bio and posted some LGBT content…

My main aim for this was to get a few followers, see how people at school responded to an openly LGBT person, and if I got homphobia, to educate them.

After this, I requested to follow a bunch of people from my school. Unfortunately a lot of them are private and not a fan of someone they don’t know claiming to be at their school trying to follow them. How selfish.


Earlier today one of them requested to follow me back. I accepted the request. They evidently took one look at what I had to say, and unfollowed me again. Which I found pretty funny.


I managed to keep hold of a new follower… I got a nice message saying “oi, who are ya mate?”


I just woke up to find that the person sent another message saying “fucking answer”. I also had a message request saying “who runs this account?”

I think overall this experiment didn’t work. No one seemed that interested in the account except a couple of people who I think were in the younger years and they just wanted to know who I was.

I guess that could be seen as a positive because their first instinct wasn’t to go and hate on me, but I was at least hoping to be able to go and laugh at the little shitheads.

I have now basically closed down the account and have decided there probably won’t be another post of these types because the effort to get a single follower wasn’t worth the results.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did, please give it a like. Follow me if you want to see more of what I have to say. My actual socials are linked at the top.

AwkwardHuman xx


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