Dunkirk Film Review


So I went to see Dunkirk this week, because my parents had heard all about it and it was one of those films “you should see”. I don’t think so. It simply wasn’t as good as it’s been made out to be.

I have a few issues. Number one, on the beaches at Dunkirk there was supposed to be around 400000 men. They needed more extras, or at least some editing, there was a couple of hundred at the most in lines shown in the film, which made the beach look half empty.

Secondly, continuity? No, we don’t need that any more. I get that yes, it was chaotic, yes the viewer was following several groups of people at any one time. But if they all look the same, at least make it easier for your regular idiot to follow by not switching between different times of day and weathers all the time.

In terms of historical accuracy, was there really just a few helmets left on the beach? Probably not. The beaches were covered in kit, and probably a few bodies as well as the 150000 people who were left behind.

Also, I get that the producers probably wanted to keep the whole thing of “it could be anyone” by not having any character development and no famous names. But I got to the end of the film and I was just like, I don’t even have a clue about the names of half the “main” characters.

I’ll give it some credit, it managed to hold my interest. But it was not as good as people have been saying. Yes, you probably should watch it, because in terms of how difficult it was to get off the beach, I’d say it’s reasonably accurate. However, it is not the “hardhitting” film I heard about.

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