Mitsis Summer Palace (Kos, Greece) Review


If you read my last post, you’ll know that I went to Kos. You heard all about the earthquake but nothing about where I stayed, so now I’m gone I figured I may as well talk about that.

So I stayed at the Mitsis Summer Palace hotel, it’s all inclusive and I think it’s one of three or four Mitsis hotels in one complex.

Not my photo (sorry)

We got there fairly late on Tuesday night, they checked us in really fast and took us to the room, which was really clean, the air conditioning worked (which is always a bonus in a hot country) and it was large enough for the four of us in there. I’d say my only criticism is that our bathroom didn’t lock, but it’s not the end of the world.

Because we arrived pretty late, we had missed dinner. We assumed we would just have to hang on until breakfast, but we were pleasantly surprised to find they had left food in the room for us.

The food in the main restaurant was really good, it was just one of the buffet situations. There was a wide range of choices at all meals and even if you weren’t keen on certain foods, you weren’t going to be hungry. All the waiters were really friendly and helpful especially after the earthquake, checking everyone was alright.

My Mum was really concerned when we booked the hotel because they have an animation team, we went to a hotel with one before and they were really in your face and loud, but here they weren’t too in your face or loud and they were also really friendly. Also, if you had that much of a problem with them, they were fairly easy to avoid, they tended to be on the beach until around lunch time, then they disappeared until around 3 then reappeared for a couple of hours.

There was also a number of day trips offered. These do cost extra and we planned to go on a couple of them, but my parents kept forgetting to talk to the people about it so it didn’t happen.

The beach was relatively clean and there was a really good water sports station, where you can do things like bannana boats and ringo but this is at an extra cost . There was also a guy who came around with drinks and watermelon if you couldn’t even be bothered to walk to the bar there. The pools were also quite clean, although all except one of them are salt water, which isn’t an issue, but next time I jump into a pool without my eyes covered, a little warning would be nice.

There was also an Italian and a Greek restaurant, included in the all inclusiveness, but you do need to book. We went to both of them and the food there was even better than the main restaurant.

In terms of entertainment, they had the childrens disco every evening at the stage under the main bar, however for the main entertainment this took place in the Norida Beach part, this is still run by Mitsis so you can go there, but it’s a couple of minutes walk. During the day there was also a number of activities.

Overall, this hotel was amazing, the staff were friendly and helpful, the place was clean, the food was good. Would I go back? No. I don’t think there’s time to go to the same place twice, plus also it just isn’t the same because it isn’t the same people. However I would definitely reccomend it to anyone and I would use a Mitsis hotel again.

I hope you found this interesting, especially if you plan on travelling to Greece/ surrounding area. Please give this post a like if you enjoyed it and follow me if you want to see more of what I have to say. Also, feel free to follow my socials, which are linked at the top.

AwkwardHuman xx


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