I Got Stuck In A Train Door


Whatever, I live in the UK, I am from the UK, this post about my trip to London has been classed as travel. I don’t care. I live in the middle of nowhere, a trip to a city may as well be a foreign country.

Anyway, so I went to London with my dad as a kind of reward for the work I did for my exams, especially as my parents felt bad about going on holiday without me in February. 

So we went to the National Gallery because neither of us had been there before and we felt that the rest of our family saw us as pretty damn ignorant for not going to it before. Neither of us are the kind of people who would be able to go round the entire gallery with audio guides without wanting to jump off a tall building, but you don’t really need them as each painting has a little bit of crap about them on the side, so really if you understand English, you probably don’t need an audio guide unless you want to know everything about a piece.

Then we walked to the Aquarium via Snog’s bus that sells frozen yoghurt. I bought a mango one with Raspberry’s and ended up eating on the top floor of the bus, which they have turned into a seating area, it was a pretty good bus. 

We got to the aquarium and my dad was there with pretty low expectations of “it’s just going to be a couple of fish in a tank”. The whole way they did the aquarium was amazing. I loved the way that you had no idea where you were going then every so often you’d end up back at another point of a massive tank. Can I just add that it’s really nice that they actually bother to clean the glass as well, so you can actually see inside the tank. I’d definitely reccomend a trip there.

We had a couple of hours to kill so we walked to the Tate Modern and had a look around there. There’s always some interesting exhibits in there and this visit was no exception.

Then there was the tube problems. We walked to the nearest tube station which we then found was closed. We had to walk to the next nearest one which meant the journey was going to be a lot longer as we couldn’t get a direct train. As we approached the train, the doors started their alarm to say they were going to close, my dad got on, I followed. 

I got stuck in the door as it closed. 

My dad, being the amazing observant parent, failed to notice me, so the other passengers had to force them open to let me through. I now have some lovely bruises on my arms and legs from the doors, I’m not joking, those things are designed to close. When my dad eventually realised I had been stuck in the door, all he could do was laugh (thanks a bunch).

We got to Victoria tube station and had about an hour until Wicked was set to begin, so we got some food.

We got to Wicked at just the right time, there was a scary long queue outside, but as it was for bag checks it didn’t take too long. The show itself was amazing as well as the effects being really good. It was also really nice at the end to see staff holding buckets to raise money for Stonewall.

Overall it was an amazing weekend, it was also really nice to see various things to do with Pride all around London. 

 Not my photo.

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