Happy New Year! Its that time of year when everyone goes around saying “New Year New Me” and that bullshit and make their New Years resolutions.

Photo Credit: @aviciimemes Instagram.

Last year… Well I had to find the post to screenshot my resolutions, but here they are (with a bit of the rest of the post because who has time for cropping?)

Resolution 1: Went well until September. Then the gym went out of the window.

Resolution 2: I came out to a few people so I achieved that one.

Resolution 3: Well I’m the person I want to be. I think I’m less annoying too…

Resolution 4: Geography is good, I got an A* in my mock. English is improving, I got a 5 (I’m doing the new 1-9 GCSEs for English).

This year I’m not making resolutions. I just want to go and make it another amazing year for me, and I will try to share as much of it as I can with the internet. However, I will put it out there now: GCSEs are in May/June. So from April to the end of them there will be no posts.

 Other than that my main ambition is to have another amazing year, and I’m going to look back on some of my highlights:

  • I went to Italy
  • I went to Croatia
  • came out to a number of people
  • I cut my hair (big big deal)
  • I got to shoot my friends a lot playing laser tag (it’s a big part of my life, don’t judge me)
  • My friends and I, in June, all wore onezies and went into a shop with one of us dressed as Santa. When asked if we needed a bag Santa’s reply was “No, I’ve got my sack”. You had to be there but it was very funny.
  • My rabbit had an abscess on its face and eventually, she has now fully recovered and is beautiful again.
  • I had a photo in the local newspaper.
  • Me and my mum, brother and C skipped school and went to Cambridge for the day. It was a good day.
  • I’ve had a number of amazing days with L.
  • One of my readers called me inspirational (thank you very much)
  • I got a job at a yard a couple of miles down the road and a lot of free rides.
  • I’ve had the best riding instructor for a large chunk of the year (still annoyed they left) as well as getting a few private lessons.
  • My brother set off a stink bomb at school and I was also in disgrace as a result.
  • I passed Grade 3 Piano
  • I got an ensuite put into my room.
  • Both Nicky Romero and Axwell have liked tweets I have sent at some point over the year
  • Axwell replied to one of my tweets

    I mean yes there have been downs, my gran died, a meme was voted America’s next president, England officially fucked itself up forever. Personally I don’t get why everyone is complaining about how shit 2016 has been.

    Thank you for reading my blog this year. Make 2017 absolutely epic. Like this post if you enjoyed it, follow me if you want to see more from me, it genuinely means so much to me.

    Love, AkwardHuman xx


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