My Mum Read My Fanmail…


So something pretty awkward just happened. My mum and I were out walking the dog, when she pulled something out of her pocket, a letter.

It was a fan mail I wrote to Joe Sugg 2 years ago, but never sent. I wrote it when I was alone in the house, but I think my parents arrived before I finished addressing it, so I shoved it in an old school book in my office draw.

I actually meant to destroy it, because it was complete crap, but evidently I forgot before the moment arrived. So it’s been there for 2 years, and she found it.

Awkward… She had a go at me saying stuff along the lines of “So you’re happy to tell a complete stranger this but not me or your father.” (It contained information about my bullying then.) 

I wanted to remind her that she did know, but she already moved onto “You don’t know these people on the internet.” I gave up in the end and managed to take it so I could destroy it, like I should have done 2 years ago.

I guess if there’s one thing to learn, if you don’t want your parents finding stuff, either use passwords, destroy it, or get it out of the house so they can’t find it. 

Please learn from my mistakes… I’m going to go and hide somewhere for a long time…

Love, AkwardHuman xx


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