Too Much Shit Is Happening


You aren’t aware of this, because I haven’t told anyone this, but I am going through a lot of shit right now.

Around 6 years ago my gran was diagnosed with cancer. They gave her months to live. Thanks to a lot of treatment, she is still alive today. In this time, she’s done alot of things, including alot of travelling and she even climbed Cairngorm with us last year. However, they have run out of options. She was admitted into an intensive care unit a few weeks ago because the tumour caused an infection in her. All they can do is make her as comfortable as possible now. She is still in hospital and they are sending her home soon, to die.

She gave it a good shot, she’s surprised everyone a number of times. She has really made the most of the time she’s had. She’s done lots of travelling and last really made the most of her time.

While this has been happenening, my Grandad has been trying to buy a house closer to us. He was packing his garage when he found a lawn mower and cut his toe off, so he can’t drive at the moment.

This has been causing my dad a lot of stress, because he’s been having to run around after his parents. This means he is quite tired and can’t properly relax, even while we were on holiday in Croatia. 

Tuesday 20th October

I have also just found out my Mum’s dad had a minor stroke last night and he’s now in hospital…

As well as this, I am about to go into year 11 (GCSE year.) Every few days my parents say to me how important they are and I need to pass them. This just stresses me out which causes everyone to get really annoyed with me because I get really over the top about tiny things when I’m stressed, which just works in a vicious circle. 

It’s not great timing for any of this, let’s put it like that.

Love, AkwardHuman xx


3 thoughts on “Too Much Shit Is Happening

  1. I am really sorry that these are happening to you at the moment.

    I think the best thing you can do now is to stay strong for your family. Yes, you may have some down days and things may become overwhelming for you. Cry it out whenever possible, and then get back up.

    Focus on your GCSEs this year, pass them and make your family proud and something to celebrate and be happy about 🙂

    Yes, easier said than done but think of it this way, try to find a positive thing each day and make that priority for determination and motivation. And from there, things will get better.

    Stay strong, think positive and things will be alright as time passes by 🙂 Praying for you and your family’s health and well being. And all the very best for your GCSEs. Take care 🙂

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