I Fainted in Front of Half of my Course… Twice.


I had a slight incident this week… I went along to my practical in the anatomy lab on Thursday afternoon and it was just a little bit of a disaster.

I’d been there for about 10 minutes and I realized that it was hotter than usual in there… I asked my group if they thought it was unusually hot, and a couple of them said it was a little bit warm, but I was absolutely boiling… Then I started to feel a tiny bit dizzy… I let the others know this, and I continued on for about 30 seconds when my hearing started to go. At that point I told the others and they helped me to the floor.

I got to the floor just in time because my sight started to go and I started to feel really dizzy. So I chilled out on the floor for a while until it passed away. Then I went to the side room had a drink and cooled down. They said I could go back in when I felt ready.

After a few minutes, I felt a lot better so I went back in. And I was ok for about another 10 minutes when I felt my temperature raise really fast and my hearing went again.

I’m not completely sure of what happened next, I was on the floor at one point, then one of the girls from my group who I don’t know very well, and one of the academics, half dragged me out while I struggled to stay upright. I’m not completely sure who, but one of them removed my PPE to help cool me down and then I was put in the side room, where I was vaguely aware that the lecturer was saying something, but I have no clue what she said…

I was then told to have the rest of the afternoon off, asked if I’d been to China lately and got sent back to my flat with one of my friends in case I had problems on the way back.

The whole thing was just really embarrassing as I went down not just once, but twice in front of about 70 people, some of them are friends of mine. I’m just hoping this doesn’t become a regular thing… I don’t consider myself to be particularly squeamish and I don’t want other people to think I am.

I don’t know why I felt I had to share this, but hey, I did.


Parkrun Tourism: Frimley Lodge


Once again, I’ve been out doing some parkrun tourism and this week I went to join the lovely people at Frimley Lodge Parkrun to celebrate their parkruns 10th birthday.

I went on my own to this one, however it wasn’t a problem because this was definitely one of the friendlier parkruns that I’ve been to.

I arrived on a train, which then meant I had a just under 20 minute walk to where the start was, however there was 2 people who were clearly regulars there who told me exactly where I needed to go, and it was actually a really easy walk.

The course itself was a really nice one, relatively flat, with a section by a river and through forest. It’s a 2 lap course, so if you aren’t up to the full 5km or you get injured, it’s easy to filter out and just do one lap, but it’s also not too repetitive if you do the full 5km. However, it was a pretty muddy course and as it was their 10th birthday, there was a lot of people there, so it got quite congested at certain points.

Overall, I think that this is one of the nicer parkruns that I have visited, and I’m not just saying that because of the large volume of cake provided at the end…

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Types of People On Your University Course


So we come to another “Types of People” post. I have been observing my course mates at university and have been able to come up with some distinct categories of people. So let’s get to straight it.

1. The Person Who Never Shows Up. I went to one of my exams this week, and I saw this guy who was apparently doing our course, but all of my friends and I agreed that none of us had ever seen him in our lives. They probably hand in most of their assignments late.

2. The Chatterbox. This person deserves their own special place in hell. They sit either right at the front of the lecture theatre or right at the back and do not shut up. They’re always talking and laughing in the back and it’s just plain inconsiderate. Like, why do you even bother to come?

3. The Person Who Should Have Picked a Different Course. When they show up to lectures, the content clearly doesn’t interest them because they either sit there on their phone or with something completely different from the lecture content on their laptop. I’ve seen people watching rugby, doing Duolingo Spanish lessons and doing their online shopping.

4. The Dumb One. They always ask about a million dumb questions at the end of the lecture. There was one time, the lecturer had spent 20 minutes discussing why we shear sheep, then one student put up their hand and said “do you have to shear them?” Jesus christ… You’d hope with the amount of work experience required you might at least be able to work out these kind of things.

5. The “Oxbridge” student. I don’t go to Oxford or Cambridge, but you always get the student who “could have”. They have a superior vibe about them. One of my friends had to be this girls practical partners and she looked at him and said “oh, so you’re one of these mature students then?” They also probably went to private school all their life.

So these are some of the people who I’ve come across so far. I may come up with a second installment of this one over the next few years, we’ll see.

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Types Of People In University Accomodation


I’ve been at university for a bit over a month now, and I’ve settled in a bit and have begun to observe my flat mates. Which means, it’s time for another “Types of People” post.

So, let’s just get started.

1. The One Who Never Washes Up. Pretty self explanatory. All the surfaces in your kitchen will be covered in this person’s stuff, and if you’re really lucky, there will be mould on it.

2. The Terrible Cook. This can work one of 2 ways. Either the only thing this person eats is cooked in a microwave, or they burn everything they cook (or both actually.) Ironically, one of the people in my flat who does this studies nutrition.

3. The One Who Doesn’t Exist. In my flat there’s 14 of us. There’s 2 that we never see. I saw one of them for the first time about a month in, I nearly called campus security. As well as this, 9 of 10 times this person only comes out of their room to attend to their rice cooker.

4. The ‘Alcoholic’. I’m saying this in a jokey way… They go out on a Monday night. They’re definitely at university for the social not a degree.

5. The Gym Lad. What’s the point of this person even paying rent… They practically live it the gym. Their diet will mainly consist of protein shakes.

6. The Liability. They break everything they touch. If something in the flat is broken, you can bet it was this person.

7. The Nocturnal Person. This person just has a really messed up sleep schedule. They most likely do a course with like 2 lectures per week and if someone’s doing something at a strange time if day, it’s this person.

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So 2019 is over… I honestly don’t know where that went… It doesn’t seem long ago that I was rounding off 2018. A lot happened this year, so let’s just get straight to it.

I did my Alevels this year, and they went surprisingly well so I was able to go to university, which I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting. I’m now at university and really enjoying it.

I also was able to spend 3 weeks in Canada travelling around in an RV. It was an unforgettable experience and such a beautiful country.

Over Christmas I finally went skiing again for the first time in ages and broke down a number of mental barriers that I had made. I really enjoyed it and would like to go again in the future.

I also joined a running club… Which is something I never thought I’d do. Ever. I’m looking forward to being able to run a couple of 10km runs, providing I stop injuring myself.

I’m really aware that I’ve seriously neglected this blog since October. My goal is to post more often in 2020, hopefully I’ll get back to a post every Sunday evening again.

So, let’s make sure that 2020 is amazing… Happy new year!


I tried.


I’m currently at university. I’m also not a massive drinker. Turns out the two don’t exactly go hand in hand.

Don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly happy to have a drink, just I do not drink with the sole aim of getting drunk, I do not enjoy the effects of drinking to much alcohol. For the most part, this hasn’t been a massive problem. But every so often, it becomes very clear to me how unusual this is.

I’m currently writing this having just abandoned a bar crawl. We were having pre-drinks and drinking games in a car park on campus (no clue why, I did not organise this event.) I was standing there as the drinking “games” were going on (I use the inverted commas, because I wouldn’t call it a game, it was literally a competition of who can down a giant cider fastest) I was just thinking “I’m not having fun, and I don’t see the appeal.”

Then it started chucking it down with rain. Most people legged it to the pub. I decided to leg it back in the opposite direction back to my flat.

I snuck in past my flatmates because I was embarrassed. They are also quite into their going out and drinking, and just don’t see my logic. I didn’t want to face them and explain why I had come in just after 8pm…

I gave it a go, I just did not enjoy myself, ok?

I know I shouldn’t feel like this, there’s plenty of people out there like me, and some who have a perfectly good university experience without drinking, just I’m struggling to find them.

I’m just going to focus on my course and my running, and try and participate in as many non-alcoholic events as possible and see how that goes for me…


My First Week at University


So last weekend I moved into my university halls. Which means that by the time this post goes live, Freshers Week will be basically finished. I want to share my experience, not because I had a great time, in fact it was the opposite of that, but because I want it to be known that it’s not always good, and that’s ok.

So I moved in on the Saturday. That evening our whole building (nearly) came into the kitchen of our flat and we all ate pizza. This was good, until about 10pm when I suddenly felt really sick, so I went to my room and quietened down for a bit until I felt better.

This was just the beginning.

On the Sunday, I had to collect some of my uniform for my course, then I met my parents for some lunch. After they left, things went downhill. The toilets on our floor flooded, I had the realisation that I was on my own in a strange place with a bunch of people who I don’t have much in common with. I took myself off for a run, and that helped put things into perspective a little and by the time I got back, maintenance has fixed the toilets.

On Monday things got worse. I threw up what little breakfast I ate. I had a full day of introductory lectures. When I got back to my flat, the toilets had all flooded again. I felt really homesick. I had booked a night out with my coursemates. Having not managed much lunch, I went for a run to try and work up an appetite and also just to try and get some endorphins.

It didn’t work for either of those. I felt exhausted, and had what turned out to be the start of the Freshers Flu. I decided against going out and was asleep by 9:30.

On Tuesday the only thing I had on was health check for my course. I decided to enjoy a bit of time off campus and go to town. This improved things slightly, however I was still feeling quite rough from being ill.

On Wednesday I had a full morning, then in the afternoon I took part in a colour run (where you run and get powder paint thrown at you) this was really good fun and I really enjoyed it, I did it with a few of my flatmates and people on my course. This was probably the high point of the week for me.

On Thursday I had a pretty busy day of talks, then in the evening I was supposed to go out for one of my flatmate’s birthday, however I felt quite ill and tired again so I joined them for pre-drinks and then left them.

On Friday the Freshers flu went from bad to worse. I had lectures in the morning then the Freshers fair in the afternoon, which was mobbed and quite overwhelming. That evening quite a few of us in my flat decided not to go out and we had a game of Monopoly.

On Saturday, the Freshers flu only went downhill. I woke at 4am, coughed a lot for about an hour and was sick. I then woke up at 7 in order to go to parkrun, which was good, I felt a little better while I was doing it and then when I got back to my halls I more or less crawled up the stairs and felt exhausted.

Anyway, I will try and keep you all updated on my progress at university, I’m hoping that I will start to feel better by Monday when my lectures start.


My Blood Donation Experience


So this week I finally got round to doing something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I gave blood…

It’s not that I’m squeamish about giving blood, it’s just been that I’ve been busy every time that they’ve been collecting somewhere local to me…

Anyway, so I finally got an appointment and I went to the place. My mum is a semi-regular donor so she also booked an appointment. So they ran me through all the health check questions, checked my iron levels and gave me the all clear.

When I was halfway through my donation my mum made a reappearance and told me that they’d rejected her for being anaemic, so she sat with me while I finished my donation.

So yeah, they got some blood out of me without any problems. Then it got interesting.

Afterwards they sent me to the snack area, where you eat a biscuit and have drink and they check that you’re ok. So I was there, and I started to fell hot and dizzy. The last thing I remember before my vision blacked out was saying “I feel a bit dizzy”.

The next thing I knew, I was on the floor and like everyone was around me. Apparently someone had caught me as I fell, and a bunch of the other staff had put a mat under me, raised my legs and even put a screen round me…

So that was fun. I’m one in something like 650 people who faint…

Anyway, the bottom line is go give blood. I don’t think I really advertised it, but it’s a really good thing to do and so important.

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My Parkrun Tourism Experience: Killerton


I’ve ended up in Devon. Which in itself isn’t a bad thing. However, when you take the fact that I live in a very flat area, and am now in an area with lots of hills, it makes running quite difficult.

However, I still made an effort to get my parkrun tourism in, and went to visit Killerton Parkrun.

The route itself was beautiful, for most of it we were on pretty good paths and it’s a big enough place that the route is just a straight line, run from one end to the other and that’s your 5km.

However, while I was running I did notice a few key differences between it and my local parkrun. I know that each place will be slightly different, but it was interesting to see.

1. The lack of Lonely Goats. I only saw one other goat on course, now I don’t know if there were more and they were in disguise, or if they had other plans that day, but this is a little different to my local. On a bad day, there will still be at least 5 goats on the course.

2. Pacers. I thought it was a standard thing that pacer week was the first Saturday of each month. It turns out I was wrong, at Killerton it was the last Saturday, that threw me a little bit. (I’m not complaining though, I’ll get an extra pacer week.)

3. The Parkrun Police. At Killerton they were out in full force making sure no kids under 11 were on their own. At my local, it gets mentioned at the start, but never really properly enforced. As long as a parent is somewhere within sight, no one really bothers, in fact, the people with really small kids will often dump them with a Marshall and pick them up on their next time around (my parkruns course has multiple laps of certain areas so you can do that.)

4. The People. A very different group of people. At my local, complete strangers will have a chat and encourage each other. At Killerton the only person who spoke to me was the other Goat. As well as this, at Killerton there was a lot more serious runners, at my local there’s a lot of people on their couch to 5k journey.

5. Hills. They apparently exist. They made things difficult…

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The Self-Scanner Incident


My mum is absolutely useless with any kind of technology. For years we’ve tried to get her to be able to use her own mobile phone, but we still have to turn it on or off, put it on silent mode or text people for her.

It’s not an age thing, her mother has an iPad and is more than capable of stalking her grandchildren on Facebook and ordering fudge without anyone knowing until a parcel arrived at the door.

But for some reason my mum is just incapable.

On Friday my mum and I went to Tesco, because we were in a rush so we could use the scan as you shop. The main reason I went is to make sure that everything gets scanned (my mum forgets that she needs to scan stuff). I turned my back for 1 second and she had scanned some mackerel, but she had scanned the same pack twice.

When we went to the checkout we got selected for a random trolley search. They scanned the mackerel and because the 2 packs were different prices, one of the packs had technically not been scanned.

So they had to go through the entire trolley.

Then, it turned out that the scanner hadn’t processed our shop. So we had to go to an actual checkout. This whole process took us an extra 40 minutes… So much for being quicker.

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